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The Limits of Regulation

...thoughts on the conversation. By Tom Flanagan At the present time, regulation of electoral finance for federal political parties consists of the following main elements, all of which seem to...

Date: Friday March 16, 2018

Democracy Divided: Countering Disinformation and Hate in the Digital Public Sphere

Democracy has been made vulnerable to attack by hate speech and disinformation. Never before has the digital news sphere been so fragmented, and social media tools on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet are part of this offensive. Policy must be implemented to reconcile freedom of speech and freedom of the press with these online news threats to democracy.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018


...regulation imposed by London and environmental regulation by the European Union. Privatization followed the consolidation of water providers in the 1970s. By comparison, Canada maintains a myriad of small, local,...

Date: Tuesday October 11, 2016

The Promise and Pitfalls of the Internet of Things in Canada in a position to convene roundtables on IoT and data governance to bring these stakeholders together. Topics of investment, talent development, open data initiatives, standards, incentives and regulation should...

Date: Friday December 16, 2016

Bringing Innovation to Life: Innovation-Based Growth In Canadian Life Sciences

Canada’s economic future will be driven by globally competitive companies working at the forefront of knowledge and technology. These companies are built on innovation and skills, cornerstones of economic growth and prosperity. Canada enjoys significant advantages in these areas, but must not be complacent as countries around the world are driving their own economic growth through significant investments in research, innovation and skills.

Date: Wednesday January 3, 2018

Pathways to Sustainable Access to Innovative Medicines for Canadians

This report is the culmination of a project that engaged Canadians in roundtable discussions about access barriers, the role of real-world evidence in system improvement, and how to move the healthcare system forward. Participants’ recommendations on reducing barriers to access, strengthening data and evidence and finding balance in our healthcare system.

Date: Friday April 20, 2018

PANEL 1 — Canada’s unique chance for growth: Attract return-hungry global investors to badly needed… environment. We’ve got to sell that.” Another way to drive growth is to examine where competition might be impeded by some types of regulation, he said, naming the airline...

Date: Monday October 17, 2016

MUN research team: How collaboration solved the deadly ‘Newfoundland Curse’

...therapy, the MUN team created a major shift in the regulation of genetic research in the province. Dr. Pullman, a medical ethicist at MUN, helped develop legislation to ensure that...

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

New PPF report calls for caps on political donations to third parties subjecting them to the same level of regulation. Transparent and Level: Modernizing Political Financing in Canada recommends only eligible voters be allowed to donate to the electoral system, and...

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Serge Dupont

...and application of federal regulation applying to major natural resources projects in Canada. Serge joined NRCan in June 2008 as associate deputy minister to lead the restructuring of Atomic Energy...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

Party Financing in Canada: Perpetually New Challenges

...enforcement must be tight enough to inhibit undue influence but loose enough to accommodate emerging, legitimate methods of communication. Canadian parliaments and the courts have determined that some regulation of...

Date: Friday March 16, 2018

Options for a Canada-China FTA Negotiation Strategy

...intellectual property protection, FDI regulation and screening, export controls, SOEs and competition policy and dispute settlement. In conclusion, this background note suggests serious consideration of a step-by-step approach in negotiating...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

March 3, 2014: Subsequent Entry Biologics in Canada: the case for multi-sector collaboration (final report)

...the current SEB regulatory regime is necessary, and agreed that multi-sector collaboration will help stakeholders navigate the complex landscape of biologic and SEB regulation in Canada. Download the report...

Date: Monday March 3, 2014

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