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The Next-Level Border: Advancing Technology & Expanding Trade

This report summarizes what was heard at two roundtables on how to enhance the Canada-U.S. border with tech to facilitate trade. 

Date: Monday July 30, 2018

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

Members of the Public Policy Forum’s Canada-China forum seek a balanced approach to engagement with China that is economically beneficial and politically acceptable to Canadians

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Workplace Innovation in Canada’s Public Service: How Collaborative Approaches, Dynamic Workspaces, and Enabling Technology Can Deliver Greater Value to Canadians

...Governments are facing mounting pressure to improve service delivery and accountability to citizens under increasing fiscal restraints and an aging workforce. To thrive in this complex environment, public sector...

Date: Wednesday July 6, 2011

March 11, 2014: Flat, Flexible and Forward-Thinking: Public Service Next

...The public sector faces an increasingly complex and rapidly changing landscape that requires greater creativity and responsiveness. As governments contend with unprecedented challenges, a high-performing public service becomes critical...

Date: Tuesday March 11, 2014

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

...has in the past, for example, supported legal and judicial reforms to help China improve trial procedures and train judges, investigate public service corruption and strengthen due process. There is...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

PPF welcomes budget measures that support Canadian journalism

...a local mandate for The Canadian Press OBJECTIVE Create a professional, open-source news service to supplement waning local and regional coverage of civic-function news with trustworthy news from an organization...

Date: Tuesday February 27, 2018

PPF Atlantic Summit 2018

The Public Policy Forum’s 2018 Atlantic Summit is the first major initiative in a 3-year project. From 2018-2020 we will conduct research, engage communities and decision makers, and work to support the momentum building behind the Atlantic Growth Strategy. The focus of our first year has been on demographics and the role of immigration as one approach to attract, and keep, the talented people who make Atlantic Canada home.

Date: Thursday May 24, 2018

Max FineDay’s challenge to Canada’s public servants: Embrace reconciliation or get out of the way

Indigenous leader Max FineDay had some strong words for a group of senior Canadian public servants: "If you are not in service to Indigenous people, it might be time for you to retire," the Executive Director of Canadian Roots Exchange told the group in a video message.

Date: Wednesday July 25, 2018

Innovation in government: Conversations with Canada’s public service leaders

...We engaged nearly 100 public leaders in one-on-one conversations about the challenges facing Canada’s public service, the measures being undertaken to innovate, and the obstacles to change. We interviewed...

Date: Thursday May 19, 2011

Securing Canada’s cyberspace

...other public bodies from using foreign services when personal information could be accessed from or stored outside of Canada. For privacy advocates, these laws have helped secure Canadian information from...

Date: Monday February 6, 2017

Public servants learn reconciliation means relationship-building and action

PPF’s reconciliation series didn’t answer all the questions about reconciliation but offered context and impetus to act. By: Jocelyn Formsma

Date: Friday August 3, 2018

Job Posting: Vice-President of Policy

...with all levels of government and the public service, the private sector, labour, post-secondary institutions, NGOs and Indigenous groups to improve policy outcomes for Canadians. As a non-partisan, member-based organization,...

Date: Thursday March 22, 2018

Trust must be earned and re-earned in climate change of interests has been widened and the legitimacy of existing methodologies and governance structures are being challenged. Resource development today requires not just regulatory approval, but also public confidence,...

Date: Sunday November 6, 2016

Canada’s Public Service in the 21st Century – Destination: Excellence

...consultations with business and government leaders, decision-makers, potential public service recruits, students, and managers. The report includes ten recommendations for public service reform that focus on promoting effective organizational cultures,...

Date: Wednesday May 21, 2008

The Shattered Mirror: FAQ

...newspapers lost to closure or merger in more than 210 federal ridings.” Small market TV stations have closed and many others, like surviving newspapers, have cut service and journalistic staff....

Date: Tuesday June 6, 2017

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