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Discussion paper: Open policy making in a digital age

...on promises. Recognize that the immediacy of social media and digital tools can be at odds with the context of the greater policy development machine that is slow- moving. As...

Date: Wednesday April 12, 2017

The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age

...much weaker news media in Canada, severely disrupted by the digital age.  It is the first major study of the state of the news media in since milestone reports by...

Date: Thursday January 26, 2017

PPF welcomes budget measures that support Canadian journalism

...this is a complex area of policy-making given the vital role an independent media plays in our democracy and the financial pressures on fulfilling that role. Much more needs to...

Date: Tuesday February 27, 2018

A House Undivided: Making Senate Independence Work

...that dominated the political media from 2012–16 and; third, the Senate reference case brought by a Harper government intent on unilaterally reforming the constitutionally protected aspects of the Senate. The...

Date: Thursday September 22, 2016

Democracy is cracking and platforms are no help. What can we do about it? Some policy suggestions

In this Nieman Journalism Lab article we get an overview of the policy recommendations in the PPF report "Democracy Divided" as part of PPF's ongoing Shattered Mirror Series. The report addresses questions of disinformation and hate speech and its spread through social media marketing tools.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Who’s threatening democracy? Tyrants, technology – and us

Are we amusing ourselves to death while darker forces of disinformation undermine our democracy? By Edward Greenspon

Date: Tuesday May 1, 2018

We can save democracy from destructive digital threats

In this Op-ed, Ed Greenspon and Taylor Owens discuss some of the policy options which would help address the threats to democracy posed by hate speech and disinformation, and which has been empowered by a highly consolidated digital media landscape.

Date: Tuesday August 21, 2018

A Mouse Sleeping Next to a Dragon: New Twitches and Grunts

...for pro-Beijing parties.[23] It has even retaliated against economically powerful Japan over its stance on the Senkaku/Diaoyu island group. After days of non-stop anti-Japan coverage in the media, two thirds...

Date: Tuesday December 19, 2017

Summary report: Open policy-making in a digital age

...given civil society direct access to elected officials and news makers, and in many ways, bypassed the traditional media gate keepers, creating competition for those media outlets. Individuals can search...

Date: Wednesday April 12, 2017

China and Canada in an Era of Global Disruption the core institutions of government, business, and the media in 20 of the 28 countries surveyed by the Edelman Trust Barometer. Trade displacing jobs, technology displacing workers and jobs,...

Date: Tuesday December 19, 2017

World’s Top Business Thinker Roger Martin to Warn of Efficiency’s Effects on Democratic Capitalism

...Carleton University  News media are welcome to cover the event. Please contact us to register. -30- ABOUT THE PPF The Public Policy Forum works with all levels of government and...

Date: Tuesday December 5, 2017

Why you shouldn’t blame Facebook for what ails democracy

...of (potentially) good news: governments could take steps now to impose some order on the political activity taking place on social media platforms. Now, the bad news: social media is just...

Date: Saturday April 7, 2018

Taylor Owen

...Taylor Owen is Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia, a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School and the founder and...

Date: Friday January 12, 2018

Ed Greenspon says Canada should level the playing field for Cdn. content creators who pay tax vs global internet giants like Facebook, Google & Netflix who don’t

Ed Greenspon spoke on CBC's Power & Politics about different policy options which would help Canadian content creators and address threats to democracy posed by increasingly consolidated Internet media giants.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Open policy-making in a digital age: Summary report

The concept of ‘open policy making’ represents a shift away from traditional policy-making toward a process that is accessible and transparent to more Canadians, and which incorporates their voices and insights. How is this different in the digital age?

Date: Wednesday April 12, 2017

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