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Our Honourees: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadians at Home and Abroad to align national medical organizations and health decision-makers behind Indigenous communities. The goal is to achieve practical implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action on Health....

Date: Monday April 17, 2017

The Promise and Pitfalls of the Internet of Things in Canada, such as health care, where disruption of health monitoring or machine-to-machine communication can translate into physical danger. Security compromise in other contexts, like vehicles, water treatment plants or utilities...

Date: Friday December 16, 2016

Democracy Divided: Countering Disinformation and Hate in the Digital Public Sphere

Democracy has been made vulnerable to attack by hate speech and disinformation on digital and social platforms. Policy must be implemented to reconcile freedom of speech and freedom of the press with these online news threats to democracy.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018


...but it generally means capital assets built and maintained in the public interest for economic and social purposes including roads, bridges and public transit, water and wastewater facilities, health care...

Date: Tuesday October 11, 2016

Charlie Carter

...policies work for their beneficiaries and ensure that engagement is meaningful. His professional journey has included coordinating health education projects for refugees in Uganda, managing small businesses, conducting public health...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

Dr. Kamran Khan: To fight global infectious diseases, he prescribes a dose of big data

...following specialty training in infectious diseases and public health, Dr. Kamran Khan found himself in the middle of the SARS outbreak. He was struck by “how quickly a virus could...

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

Ten Tough Jobs 2010

...Fisheries and Oceans Assistant Deputy Minister, Consular Services and Emergency Management, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Assistant Deputy Minister, First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada Assistant Deputy Minister,...

Date: Tuesday October 19, 2010

Jonathan Perron-Clow

...Jonathan consulted with a number of organizations including the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres and the Foundation for the Study of Processes of Government in Canada on projects ranging...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

What the Saskatchewan Roughriders Can Teach Canadian Journalism

Many different approaches to support journalism, locally and beyond, have emerged in recent years in the wake of the sharp decline of traditional industry players. Public policy will play a crucial role in shaping the rules for ownership innovation and protected space for Canadian journalism.

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2018

Independent and Accountable: Modernizing the Role of Agents of Parliament and Legislatures

In this report, the Public Policy Forum (PPF) analyzes the current and evolving role of agents at the federal and provincial levels to provide recommendations on how oversight and guidance in the administration of policies can be improved while maintaining their autonomy within Canada’s Westminster system.

Date: Thursday April 26, 2018

March 3, 2014: Subsequent Entry Biologics in Canada: the case for multi-sector collaboration (final report)

...prescribed, and tracked long-term. Greater clarity will help increase the confidence of health practitioners and patients that these innovative drugs are both safe and effective. This report summarizes the main...

Date: Monday March 3, 2014

From the barn to the bench

...ages livestock health through genetic identification. The patented technology is licensed by a Canadian company called Semex Alliance, which markets the enhanced bovine semen under the trade name Immunity+. Mallard...

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Bonnie Mallard: From the barn to the bench

...developed High Immune Response (HIR) technology that man- ages livestock health through genetic identification. The patented technology is licensed by a Canadian company called Semex Alliance, which markets the enhanced...

Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Paul Santerre: A formula for turning ideas into products on-campus incubator called the Health Innovation Hub that teaches health science and biomedical engineering grads and early-career scientists the fundamentals of starting innovation companies. With the help of mentors,...

Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Feb. 20, 2014: Schizophrenia in Canada: The social and economic case for a collaborative model of care

...schizophrenia is straining our country’s healthcare, social services and criminal justice systems. Through a more coordinated, multi-sector approach, it may be possible to enhance care, improve health outcomes and reduce...

Date: Wednesday February 19, 2014

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