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Governance in the Digital Age

...a year to study and advise on the idea of governance in the digital age. After six months of research, interviews and roundtables on open and digital government, I’d like...

Date: Tuesday May 23, 2017

Bringing New Voices to the Table: Re-thinking On-reserve Housing in Canada

...communities, for a range of topics from governance to bed bug extermination. 2. Community education specific to housing Some participants recommended a program that ties housing to education and training....

Date: Monday February 27, 2017

Governance Matters: How is it working for Canadians?

...Canada’s public institutions need a reboot Good governance matters and our public sector governance process has fallen short over several parliaments. To help reinvigorate and rebalance our system of...

Date: Wednesday October 28, 2015

Discussion paper: Open policy making in a digital age

...incorporates their voices and insights. Proponents of participatory governance cite a number of benefits of open models: opportunities for citizens to learn about policy and governance, legitimacy for public decisions,...

Date: Wednesday April 12, 2017

Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship

The Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship was established in 2012 to mark the Public Policy Forum’s 25th anniversary, when all living former Prime Ministers were honoured at the Testimonial Dinner and Awards in Toronto. The Fellowship brings prominent Canadian leaders to PPF for a year to conduct research and convene dialogues about public policy, democratic institutions and good governance.

Date: Wednesday October 18, 2017

BUILDING THE FUTURE for what instead of coordinating to ensure accountability and good governance. Indigenous governments are a further actor in this complex mix. The taxpayer almost invariably is called upon to...

Date: Tuesday October 11, 2016

Canada Growth Summit: Bold ideas and untapped opportunities

...KEY RECOMMENDATIONS • Create a national infrastructure bank to improve coordination and attract capital. • Ensure successful projects by strengthening analytics, governance and capacity.  • Take a balanced approach to...

Date: Wednesday December 7, 2016

The Promise and Pitfalls of the Internet of Things in Canada

...Germany and 14 percent in the UK.[22] To ensure that we meet the highest connectivity standards, Canada must increase its IPv6-enabled broadband adoption. Privacy, security, standards and governance The world...

Date: Friday December 16, 2016

Securing Canada’s cyberspace

...standards on data retention and storage has created an environment in which companies prematurely delete information and improperly store records. Participants suggested that companies are seeking assistance on data governance,...

Date: Monday February 6, 2017

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

...engagement on a number of fronts, including commercial opportunities, rights issues, security matters and the potential for collaboration around social, educational and governance issues. Business, and especially big business, cannot...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Julie Cafley, PhD 613-238-7858 Ext: 229 Senior Vice-President, Policy and Partnerships Julie is an accomplished leader and academic with expertise in higher education leadership and governance. As Senior Vice-President, Julie builds bridges...

Date: Thursday November 9, 2017

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

Members of the Public Policy Forum’s Canada-China forum seek a balanced approach to engagement with China that is economically beneficial and politically acceptable to Canadians

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Why Canada needs a digital office

...legacies that don’t work for technology, including accountabilities, structures, policies and hiring practices. We need to change the surrounding system, and those second-order decisions about governance are important and far-reaching....

Date: Friday May 12, 2017

Roundtable series on Enhancing First Nations Access to Capital cheap loans is rare. These barriers discourage private investment and are the result of chronic underlying issues, including:   ·       Socio-economic pathologies ·       Governance challenges ·       Institutional barriers and...

Date: Tuesday December 23, 2014

Keeping Up with the Speed of Disruption: Session 1

...The Public Policy Forum is offering a professional development opportunity for public service executives to better understand disruptive technologies and the way they are challenging policy and governance approaches....

Date: Friday January 5, 2018

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