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Canada Growth Summit 3: Going the Distance

APRIL 12 | TORONTO: Our annual Growth Summit is growing: Register early for the best chance to get a seat at our new Expert's Table small dinners on April 11. You'll be primed for the next day's breakfast session and the main event with Mark Carney, Katie Telford, Dominic Barton, Linda Hasenfratz, John Risley and many other leaders, thinkers and doers.

Date: Saturday February 10, 2018

Immigrants aren’t job killers, they’re job creators — and they want to come to Canada

...The Canada brand has never been hotter, but the immigration question brings with it complexities ranging from language obstacles and the provision of sufficient housing, to ensuring we’re equipping...

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Competitiveness: Canada leads in AI, but lags in innovation, skills and capital

...Québec, Janet Kennedy, Microsoft Canada (Microsoft Women), Michael Serbinis, LEAGUE Inc. and Dr. Raphael Hofstein, MaRS Innovation. Canada is now at the epicentre of artificial intelligence (AI) after spending years...

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

DOMINIC BARTON | Canada has a historic opportunity to thrive, but faces hard choices

...Public Policy Forum’s Growth Summit in Ottawa. He delivered the Forum’s annual Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture. Canada must learn how to successfully deal with the compounding forces of computing power, connectedness,...

Date: Thursday October 13, 2016

How Canada can create a culture of innovation

...week’s Public Policy Forum Growth Summit in Ottawa agreed that Canada lacks a culture of innovation, and that it’s seriously hampering our economic growth. Marty Reed, President and CEO of...

Date: Thursday October 20, 2016

PANEL 2—Canada’s emerging innovators face funding, talent and culture gaps

...Growing Canadian firms are selling out earlier and at lower valuations than US counterparts Panel 2 | Emerging Innovators: The Job of Growing New Businesses in Canada Oct. 12,...

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

Transparent and Level: Modernizing Political Financing in Canada

Transparent and Fair: Modernizing Political Financing in Canada makes eight recommendations aiming to strengthen political finance regulations in Canada. It follows a literature review and a roundtable discussion on political financing on October 11, 2017 that was co-convened with Elections Canada. The day was divided into three discussions focused on the following themes: public and private financing, transparency and campaign spending.

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

PANEL 3—Established companies must ‘disrupt ourselves’ to be innovative and stay ahead

...For global players, ‘not investing in innovation may be the biggest risk a company takes’ Canada Growth Summit Panel 3 | Established Innovators: Becoming and Remaining a Global Champion...

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

Action Canada Fellowship 2018 – FAQ

...Do individuals need to be nominated for the Action Canada Fellowship? No. All candidates must apply for this program. What is the deadline for the submission of applications?...

Date: Friday February 16, 2018

Canada’s China puzzle: We need a national discussion

...president and CEO of the Public Policy Forum. Kevin Lynch is vice-chair, Bank of Montreal, and former clerk of the privy council. Canada has a China puzzle it needs to...

Date: Thursday June 29, 2017

Canada and the OECD: 50 years of converging interests

...2010 marked the beginning of the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Canada was among the first nations to join the OECD, indeed, the very...

Date: Monday December 5, 2011

Canada as an Agri-Food Powerhouse

...February 2017, the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, established by the Minister of Finance, released its second wave of recommendations, which emphasized the potential for Canada to become “the trusted...

Date: Thursday April 20, 2017

Despite Trump rhetoric, Canada-U.S. relationship is strong, Freeland says

...Canada can both defend its national economic interests and its values, foreign minister says Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland talks to the Wall Street Journal’s Elena Cherney at...

Date: Wednesday April 26, 2017

Canada strives to position itself as an agri-food powerhouse

...potential. Canada could become an international powerhouse in agri-food by tapping into an exploding global middle class and boosting exports by $30 billion over the next several years — but...

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

PANEL 1 — Canada’s unique chance for growth: Attract return-hungry global investors to badly needed…

...Panelists make case for a federal infrastructure bank, inclusive growth, change in monetary policy and a collaborative approach to growing companies Canada Growth Summit, Panel 1 | Beyond a...

Date: Monday October 17, 2016

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