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Open policy-making in a digital age: Summary report

Released: Wednesday April 12, 2017

The concept of ‘open policy making’ represents a shift away from traditional policy-making toward a process that is accessible and transparent to more Canadians, and which incorporates their voices and insights. How is this different in the digital age?

Discussion paper: Open policy making in a digital age

Released: Wednesday April 12, 2017

The concept of ‘open policy making’ represents a shift away from traditional policy making toward a process that is accessible and transparent to more Canadians, and which incorporates their voices and insights. How is this different in the digital age? To download a printable .PDF version of this report, click here. Executive Summary On Oct. 13, 2016,...

Community media can play a pivotal role in Canada’s disrupted news environment

Released: Monday April 3, 2017

Editor’s note: Following the publication of The Shattered Mirror, our report on news, democracy and trust in the digital age, the PPF is continuing the conversation on this crucial policy topic. Today, we are sharing an article from CACTUS, The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (@CACTUS62), which participated in our roundtables and...

Marshalling Incubators to Build Global Companies

Released: Wednesday March 1, 2017

Leading thinkers within and outside of Canada’s borders are producing ideas, pioneering new theories and generating groundbreaking knowledge. How can the global incubator and accelerator landscape be leveraged to effectively harness this untapped potential? For a printable .PDF version of this report, click here. Foreword ERA-Can+ promotes cooperation between the European Union and Canada in science,...

Bringing New Voices to the Table: Re-thinking On-reserve Housing in Canada

Released: Monday February 27, 2017

A home is so much more than its structural components; it’s the emotional intangibles that make it something more, the foundation for self and community. With this in mind, we sought to hear from unheard and under-represented voices: read on for what they had to say. A snapshot from the First Nations exhibition at the Royal...

Securing Canada’s cyberspace

Released: Monday February 6, 2017

While Canadians have openly embraced a new era of digital and technological innovation, the advent of the Internet has ushered in threats formerly unimaginable. Is Canada equipped to handle the adverse effects of this amplified connectivity? For a printable PDF version of this report, please click here. INTRODUCTION In a 2014 interview, Stephen Hawking observed...

The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age

Released: Thursday January 26, 2017

The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age, is a landmark Public Policy Forum report published in January 2017.  It looks at the state of a much weaker news media in Canada, severely disrupted by the digital age.  It is the first major study of the state of the news media in...

The Promise and Pitfalls of the Internet of Things in Canada

Released: Friday December 16, 2016

The manufacture and selling of IoT infrastructure will have less impact than the myriad possibilities their use will unleash, but generating insights from IoT’s firehose of data will require highly specialized talent that’s in short supply in Canada. For a printable .PDF version of this report, click here. “Barcelona … measures the dampness of the soil in...

Canada Growth Summit: Bold ideas and untapped opportunities

Released: Wednesday December 7, 2016

Key recommendations on growth from Canada’s leading thinkers, innovators and decision makers Minister Navdeep Bains and John Manley, former Minister of Industry under the Chrétien government, talk growth at the Summit hosted by the PPF on October 12, 2016 Summary Report: November, 2016 For an overview of the report’s key recommendations, click here. Introduction Some economists argue...

Walk the Talk: How Canada Can Restore Public Confidence in Resource Development

Released: Wednesday November 2, 2016

Natural resource development increasingly requires not just regulatory approval, but also public confidence, to move forward. From who participates to how decisions are made, projects are being challenged by affected communities, environmental groups and interested citizens across the country. While industries, regulators and policy makers are working to improve transparency, engagement and oversight, questions remain...


Released: Tuesday October 11, 2016

Strategic Infrastructure for Long-Term Growth in Canada What are the gaps in Canada’s infrastructure plans? Canada is an infrastructure laggard in a world where these investments matter more and more. While our country has increased its spending, it is doing so without an adequate policy framework to ensure it gets the best bang for its buck....

A House Undivided: Making Senate Independence Work

Released: Thursday September 22, 2016

A Public Policy Forum Report by Michael Kirby and Hugh Segal Can the Senate get past partisanship and earn Canadians’ respect? Introduction by the Public Policy Forum When it is considered at all, Canada’s Senate has been widely held in public disrepute. Yet it is a fundamental part of the country’s Constitution and governing system, a body...

How Can Integrated Innovation Advance Well-being and Inclusive Growth?

Released: Thursday September 8, 2016

Despite some significant efforts and focus in recent years, the field of social innovation lags behind in terms of infrastructure, capacity, policy development, incentives, and investment. How might we seize the opportunity of the Review of Canada’s Innovation Policy to shape an innovation strategy that also supports new and scale-ready innovations that accelerate Canadians’ wellbeing?...

Broadening Talent Pathways: How to Make Cross-Sector Mobility Meaningful

Released: Wednesday June 29, 2016

Canada’s prosperity depends on high-performing public, private, and nonprofit sectors with the capacity and networks to thrive in today’s complex environment. Research and international experiences demonstrate that employing cross-sector mobility as a talent management tool can help build dynamic, versatile organizations across sectors. Despite the potential benefits of mobility, opportunities in Canada remain undervalued and...

The expanding mandate of the Ontario Ombudsman: final report

Released: Tuesday June 28, 2016

Transparency, accountability, and fair administrative processes are hallmarks of effective governance systems. The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman ensures that provincial government and public sector bodies develop and observe these values in delivering their programs and services. In doing so, the Office aims to improve government practices and processes for all Ontario citizens. In December...

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