Past Projects

The Public Policy Forum has led thousands of roundtables and events and produced hundreds of reports on many key topics since our inception in 1987. This site features reports going back to 2016 as well as our most popular and referenced publications, which you can find here. If there is a specific report you cannot find, please contact us

Respect the Referees

The Canadian energy sector is changing, rapidly. The drivers of these changes are local, national, global, environmental, economic and more. Energy regulators face increasing pressure to find balance among competing priorities, and to meet the high standards to which they are held by stakeholders.

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Pathways to Sustainable Access to Innovative Medicines for Canadians

About the project: Many new medicines pose challenges and opportunities for Canada’s healthcare system. They stretch the ability of government to manage incremental costs, to ensure Canadians have access to products that deliver significantly better patient outcomes, and to position Canada as a centre of global investment and innovation. Innovative medicines—defined in Canada as “…a drug...

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Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit

The Public Policy Forum and the Government of Ontario hosted the first Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit in Toronto on Feb. 9-10, 2018. The digital age creates opportunities for people to participate in society, the economy and civic life in new ways – to build businesses, movements, and communities. But we know that those opportunities aren’t...

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Making an Independent Senate Work

The Public Policy Forum sought out two of the most independent-minded Senators of the past generation, Michael Kirby and Hugh Segal — one who sat as a Liberal, the other as a Conservative, and both of whom fulfilled their duties in an independent-minded manner. We asked them to jointly consider what it will take for...

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