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Canada strives to position itself as an agri-food powerhouse

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Strengthening Canada’s competitiveness in global food production could drive economic growth for decades to come and deliver broad societal benefits. Now is the time to make it happen. By Lee-Anne Goodman On Thursday, April 20, 2017, Canadian agri-foods leaders convened at a breakfast symposium hosted by the PPF to discuss how to strengthen competitiveness and leverage...

Immigrants aren’t job killers, they’re job creators — and they want to come to Canada

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

The Canada brand has never been hotter, but the immigration question brings with it complexities ranging from language obstacles and the provision of sufficient housing, to ensuring we’re equipping our cities with the right policies and programs that will enable newcomers to thrive. By Lee-Anne Goodman Panelists Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner, City of Toronto; Kate Subak,...

Morneau says it’s critical that all Canadians see benefits of economic growth

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

In the face of massive tech-fuelled disruption, the finance minister tells PPF’s Edward Greenspon he’d prefer to offer Canadians new opportunities and education than a basic income. By Lee-Anne Goodman Canada’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, talks inclusive economic growth with Edward Greenspon, president and CEO of the Public Policy Forum, at the PPF’s Growth Summit on...

Inclusivity: How to ensure everyone wins

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Inclusive economic growth should translate into improved living standards for the average Canadian. But what are the existing systemic barriers that prevent this from actually happening? How do we achieve true equality and robust change if everyone isn’t in the room? By Lee-Anne Goodman Panelists Gemma Corrigan, World Economic Forum, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, City of Calgary,...

Canada’s economic future depends on critical choices in the face of disruption

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

Jonathan Goodman shares Deloitte’s new Canada at a Crossroads report at PPF’s Growth Summit By Lee-Anne Goodman Jonathon Goodman, global managing partner, Monitor Deloitte, envisions four possible scenarios that could emerge as a result of pervasive technological disruption. Canada is at a critical period in its history and must make big decisions on how to grow...

Competitiveness: Canada leads in AI, but lags in innovation, skills and capital

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2017

It’s not enough to be competitive nationally: The future is asking, ‘Can you build globally competitive companies?’ By Lee-Anne Goodman Panelists Michael Sabia, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Janet Kennedy, Microsoft Canada (Microsoft Women), Michael Serbinis, LEAGUE Inc. and Dr. Raphael Hofstein, MaRS Innovation. Canada is now at the epicentre of artificial intelligence...

Our Honourees: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadians at Home and Abroad

Date: Monday April 17, 2017

On April 20, the Public Policy Forum is honouring extraordinary leaders who connect Canada to the world and the world to us. Find out more about our seven honourees: their accomplishments, their hopes — and who likes grilled cheese sandwiches. Each year at the Public Policy Forum’s Testimonial Dinner in Toronto, more than a thousand leaders from...

For inclusive policy, we need inclusive policymaking

Date: Wednesday March 1, 2017

Why we need open government and relentless examination and correction of our personal and institutional biases By Kent D. Aitken, Prime Ministers Fellow, Public Policy Forum. @kentdaitken More than 1,500 jurisdictions worldwide now conduct participatory budgeting: giving the public control over some portion of public funds. When citizens deliberate, hear diverse viewpoints and consider trade-offs...

Canada Growth Summit: The key recommendations

Date: Wednesday December 7, 2016

Addressing Canada’s weaknesses and capitalizing on its strengths While slow economic growth is a global phenomenon, the PPF’s Growth Summit on October 12, 2016, reinforced the fact that Canada is not without options. The following key recommendations were raised to set the conditions for long-term inclusive growth in Canada, outlining what it must do to...

How Canada can create a culture of innovation

Date: Thursday October 20, 2016

Innovation gap is a serious drag on economic growth Marty Reed, President and CEO of Evok Innovations, says Canadian entrepreneurs lack intensity. By Kent Aitken Many speakers at last week’s Public Policy Forum Growth Summit in Ottawa agreed that Canada lacks a culture of innovation, and that it’s seriously hampering our economic growth. Marty Reed, President...

VIDEOS | Watch every session

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

Sessions from Oct. 12 Canada Growth Summit, in order of appearance

One-on-One: Perry Bellegarde

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

VIDEO: ‘One of the most important rights we have is the inherent right of self-determination,’ said AFN’s national chief “I believe the Liberal government listened”Bochove asked Bellegarde about reports that the government is dragging its heels on dispersing much of the $8.4 billion it promised Indigenous communities in its federal budget. Bellegarde said “I believe the...

PANEL 4—Build infrastructure for long term, not because it’s ‘shovel-ready’

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

Canada lacks private sector managers for big projects and needs a national infrastructure plan and agency, Summit hears Ottawa, Oct. 12, 2016 Panel 4 | Beyond Stimulus: Infrastructure as an Engine for Long-Term Growth Panelists: Jane Bird, Complex Public and Private Construction and Infrastructure Advisor, Bennett Jones, VancouverBert Clark, President & CEO, Infrastructure OntarioDawn Farrell, President &...

David Johnston on innovation culture

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

VIDEO: Share our success stories, adopt experiential learning and be inclusive, says Governor General “We lack a culture of innovation in Canada”Johnston first drew a distinction between pockets of innovation going on in the country, and what he considered to be an absent business culture. “While Canadians are innovative, we lack a culture of innovation in...

One-on-One: Navdeep Bains and John Manley on innovation

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

VIDEO: Diversity, talent, immigration and picking winners are all keys to a better innovation culture in Canada, minister says Notable quotes Talent “should be our number one focus.”Bains called it the “number one issue” in terms of the government’s overall economic agenda, and a “key ingredient.” This includes developing talent domestically, but also attracting talent from...

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