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The internet is transforming the world, but not for everybody

Date: Friday October 13, 2017

The Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit aims to find, understand and fix the gaps that keep some citizens from accessing and benefiting from the digital world.  Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit Making Technology Work for Everyone Feb. 9–10, 2018 Toronto, Ontario Contact: inclusion@ppforum.ca We’d like to bring people together around the idea of digital inclusion. For decades people...

Open(ing) government

Date: Monday September 18, 2017

There’s a lot of chatter about open government, but not a lot of clarity around what the concept means and what it accomplishes in practical terms. By: Kent Aitken The digital landscape is changing people’s expectations of government. It is driving new demands for transparency, creating new forms of engagement and allowing citizens, businesses and other...

Canada-China Session 1: Setting the stage, public opinion trends, approaches to trade

Date: Tuesday July 25, 2017

Recap of the first meeting of PPF's Canada-China Forum includes presentations on public opinion by Bruce Anderson of Abacus Data and sectoral trade by Wendy Dobson of University of Toronto

AUDIO | Edward Greenspon talks China with Danielle Smith

Date: Thursday July 6, 2017

How can Canada trade with the world’s second-biggest economy without getting burned or selling out its values? The first step is to have a serious national conversation about it, PPF President and CEO Edward Greenspon tells Newstalk770 in Calgary. Listen to the interview   Is China a friend or a foe? That’s the question Danielle...

Canada’s China puzzle: We need a national discussion

Date: Thursday June 29, 2017

How should we relate to an economic, political and increasingly technological powerhouse of 1.3 billion people with different political and legal values? By Edward Greenspon and Kevin Lynch Edward Greenspon is president and CEO of the Public Policy Forum. Kevin Lynch is vice-chair, Bank of Montreal, and former clerk of the privy council. Canada has a China...

Canada-China Relations: A Note on Public Attitudes

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Public views about China around the world reveal common strands of ambivalence, anxiety and opportunity, but are volatile as the emerging superpower’s global presence and influence grow. By Paul Evans, University of British Columbia Why do Public Attitudes about China Matter Now? Public views about China around the world display common strands of ambivalence, anxiety and...

Options for a Canada-China FTA Negotiation Strategy

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

China’s growing middle class and expanding international interests offer major opportunities to Canadian goods and services exporters and to investors in both countries. But the devil is in the details. By Wendy Dobson, Rotman School of Management When Canadian and Chinese leaders committed to regular high-level contact following their September 2016 meeting, they laid a foundation...

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Project Background Members of the Public Policy Forum’s China forum seek a balanced approach to engagement with China that is economically beneficial and politically acceptable to Canadians Background As the Canadian government embarks on its pledge to “open a new era in the Canada-China strategic partnership,” the conversation needs to become more nuanced than the...

Toward ‘eyes-open’ engagement with China

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Members of the Public Policy Forum’s Canada-China forum seek a balanced approach to engagement with China that is economically beneficial and politically acceptable to Canadians

The Shattered Mirror: FAQ

Date: Tuesday June 6, 2017

The Public Policy Forum report looks at the state of a much weaker news media in a very different environment, severely disrupted by the digital age. For an overview of its key points and recommendations, read on. Visit ShatteredMirror.ca to download the full report. THE SHATTERED MIRROR is the first major study of the state of the...

Applying science to delivering mental health programs

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

CANADA’S INNOVATION STARS Patrick McGrathClinical Psychologist.Vice-President of Research, Innovation and Knowledge Translation, IWK Health Centre, Halifax. Patricia Lingley-PottiePresident and CEO, Strongest Families Institute, Halifax.Professor of Psychiatry, Dalhousie University. Young people in need of psychological care often encounter long wait times for appointments and then have difficulty keeping them, given Canada’s overloaded mental health system and...

A formula for turning ideas into products

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

CANADA’S INNOVATION STARS Paul SanterreBiomedical Engineer. Professor of Biomaterials at the University of Toronto.Chief Scientific Officer, Interface Biologics Inc. Dr. Paul Santerre has a long list of titles and achievements as a biomedical engineer, but he sums it all up in just two words: “serial inventor.” His research into the properties of plastics has created a...

Putting an invisible disability on the map

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

CANADA’S INNOVATION STARS Audra RenyiCo-founder and Executive Director, World Wide Hearing Foundation International. Founder and CEO, earAccess Inc. Hearing loss affects 1.3 billion people around the world, and 80 percent of them live in developing countries. Yet the condition remains little known and understood. Montreal social entrepreneur Audra Renyi is shining a light on this “invisible disability”...

Recording lessons for humanity

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

CANADA’S INNOVATION STARS Marie-Odile JunkerProfessor of LinguisticsCarleton University, Ottawa For academics in Canada, endangered Aboriginal languages are a critical topic of study, with dozens or even hundreds considered to be dead or dying. The issue of their long-term viability also raises serious questions. Fortunately, Dr. Marie-Odile Junker is one researcher who is tackling many of...

From the barn to the bench

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

CANADA’S INNOVATION STARS Bonnie MallardProfessor of Immunogenetics, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph From a young age, Dr. Bonnie Mallard desperately wanted to become a veterinarian, imagining herself making animals better. Today, she’s a veterinary researcher who makes better animals. Mallard, an immunogeneticist at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, has developed High Immune Response (HIR)...

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