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Your Energy Future

After 10 months of consultations and conversations, the three YEF Task Forces presented their final reports on March 9, 2018.

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Putting Reconciliation into Practice: Inclusion and Action

A Public Policy Forum Seminar Series The Public Policy Forum (PPF) is offering a professional development opportunity exclusively for public service executives to explore in-depth how reconciliation with Indigenous peoples can be put into practice.  The federal government is committed to a renewed nation-to-nation, government-to-government and Inuit-Crown relationship with Indigenous peoples. PPF’s new series of...

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Action Canada Fellowship

Action Canada and Public Policy Forum have joined forces to present the Action Canada Fellowship, a 10-month national leadership development and policy engagement program. This program brings together emerging leaders from across the country. Together, fellows learn about and experience different parts of Canada, our history, and ultimately, work together to make good policy for a better Canada.

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Immigration to Small Ontario Centres

About the project: Communities and regions across Canada are looking to immigration as one of a variety of approaches to help offset shrinking and aging populations and boost economic development. The hope of some smaller communities and regions is that newcomers will balance the pressure that an aging population places on services and public budgets....

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Canada Next

Canada Next will convene experts on the economy, the future of work, climate adaptation and governance to confront challenges posed by emerging and disruptive technologies. Its goal is to create innovative and actionable policy solutions for government.

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Political Financing in Canada

In October 2017, the Public Policy Forum and Elections Canada held a roundtable discussion on political financing. Invited experts, including academics, journalists, former political party organizers and other professionals, discussed public and private financing, transparency and campaign spending. The goals of the roundtable were: to foster a thoughtful exchange of ideas on the administration of...

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Indigenous Reconciliation in Fisheries

Fisheries are culturally iconic and of great economic importance to many Indigenous communities across Canada. The Government of Canada’s commitment to advancing the reconciliation agenda presents a timely opportunity for deeper consideration of what this means for the relationship between the government and Indigenous peoples in the fisheries, oceans, and maritime sector. The Public Policy...

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Financial Literacy for Millennials

Millennials are in a far more fragile financial situation than the generations before them, and likely to remain so. Many millennials find themselves either trapped in low-paid jobs or zig-zagging between jobs in a way that makes it difficult to focus on long-term financial goals. They are burdened by more student and credit-card debt than...

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Keeping Up With the Speed of Disruption

This series of learning modules, designed for current and prospective government executives, provides a deep dive into a selection of emerging technologies, likely areas of disruption and impact, and an exploration of how governments around the world are reacting – or not – to a quickly shifting technological landscape. For each session, we’ll explore the...

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Canada-China Forum

This two-year initiative by the Public Policy Forum and its partners, started in 2017, will provide fresh ideas to shape the future of Canada’s relationship with China, one that is acceptable to Canadians seeking to understand the potentials and pitfalls of greater engagement. 

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Immigration & Atlantic Revitalization

About the project: Atlantic Canada, facing an aging and shrinking population, is looking to a massive increase in immigration as part of the solution. Provincial governments are setting ambitious targets, and the Atlantic Growth Strategy sets immigration as one of five pillars for regional economic growth. But the decision to come to Atlantic Canada isn’t the same...

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Agents of Parliament

About the project: How can the oversight and guidance of Canada’s agents of Parliament and legislatures be improved while maintaining their autonomy within our Westminster governance model? The Public Policy Forum is studying the current and evolving role of agents, which are better known to Canadians as auditors-general, ethics commissioners and electoral officers, among others....

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The Shattered Mirror

The Shattered Mirror: News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age, is a landmark Public Policy Forum report published in January 2017.  It looks at the state of a much weaker news media in Canada, severely disrupted by the digital age.  It is the first major study of the state of the news media in...

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