Canada’s Public Service Digital Leadership

About the project: In a landscape of ‘Digital Darwinism’, the Government of Canada needs to continuously adapt to meet – or exceed – the expectations of Canadians. However, digital transformation in government raises unique challenges due to its size and structure. Through the formation of a working group to gain clear, applicable insights, the Public Policy Forum and partners will engage change leaders in the Government of Canada. The group will identify ways in which a change mentality and digitally savvy leadership can be propagated across government and empower its members to succeed as agents of change.

Methodology: We invited a small working group composed of senior federal public servants (director general and above), academics, technology firms and consultancies with successful track records implementing technological transformations in the public service.

Timeline: Roundtable in June 2018, research reports from July to September 2018, reports launch and follow-up workshop in October or November 2018.

Partners: Amazon Web Services Institute

Contact: Charlie Carter

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