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To prepare for the worst, we need to practice failure in emergency management

In major emergencies, regardless of cause, it was almost inevitable that responding authorities would struggle. Even in terrorist or natural disasters that seem to have been handled relatively well, the authorities were overwhelmed by the scale & complexity of what they faced. To prepare for the worst, we need to practice failure in emergency management

Date: Monday September 10, 2018

Revitalizing Atlantic Canada: immigration and the labour market

What attracts immigrants to Atlantic Canada? Why do newcomers stay? And what can we learn from local successes (and failures) in order to shape a positive future for all Atlantic...

Date: Monday March 12, 2018

PPF names Karen Restoule as its 2018 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow

...with a more inclusive future,” said Edward Greenspon, President & CEO of PPF. “I’m eager to see the pathways she can illuminate for PPF, her community and the country.” “As...

Date: Tuesday January 16, 2018

Canada and the OECD: 50 years of converging interests of international leaders for this event, and we look forward to continuing to work together as the frameworks for the next 50 years of policy development take shape. A...

Date: Monday December 5, 2011

Options for a Canada-China FTA Negotiation Strategy which Canadians across the country are innovators. Canada is a major food exporter and a future global food production powerhouse. Canadian institutions provide education and tourism services that are...

Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017

Our Honourees: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadians at Home and Abroad

...than 80 articles on the role of business in society, leadership, financial services, Asia, history and markets worldwide. He is firmly committed to Canada’s future success. He wants — as...

Date: Monday April 17, 2017

Action Canada Fellowship 2018 – FAQ

...candidate’s letter should include information about: Importance of the program for the current stage of the candidate’s life; The candidate’s future career plans; Importance of civic engagement to the candidate,...

Date: Friday February 16, 2018

How Canada can create a culture of innovation

...Innovations, lamented the “lack of intensity” among Canadian entrepreneurs. “Silicon Valley firms looking to invest will ask ‘Will this management team [in Canada] work as hard as the team in...

Date: Thursday October 20, 2016

PPF’s Emerging Leader Award recognizes Indigenous advocate Caitlin Tolley

Filled with a burning desire to create positive change for her community, Caitlin Tolley has used her voice at home and on the global stage as an advocate for Indigenous people. On April 12, the Public Policy Forum will recognize her work with the Emerging Leader Award at its Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards in Toronto.

Date: Wednesday February 7, 2018

First Nations Finance Authority (Ernie Daniels, CEO): By fixing finance rules, First Nations can invest in themselves

The First Nations Finance Authority is being honored as a Governor General Innovation Award recipient on May 23 for their ground-breaking innovative funding regime that reduces borrowing cuts and provides interest rate security for First Nations communities across the country.

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

Mind the Gaps: Quantifying the Decline of News Coverage in Canada

In our study of 20 small and mid-sized Canadian communities, the number and depth of newspaper articles about civic affairs declined sharply between 2008 and 2017, leaving citizens less informed about their democratic institutions.

Date: Tuesday September 25, 2018

PPF applauds new support for Canadian journalism

The Public Policy Forum is pleased that the production of independent, original journalism for Canadians will be supported by new measures announced in the government’s fall economic statement.

Date: Wednesday November 21, 2018

Why Canada needs a digital office

...central technology organization within governments dedicated to some combination of internal consulting, project work, prototyping, standards, procurement reform and expenditure control. The common comparisons are the UK Government Digital Service,...

Date: Friday May 12, 2017

MUN research team: How collaboration solved the deadly ‘Newfoundland Curse’

This is one in a series of profiles of the winners of the 2018 Governor General’s Innovation Awards. See all honourees It’s often said that teamwork is important to innovation, but...

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

PANEL 1 — Canada’s unique chance for growth: Attract return-hungry global investors to badly needed…

...Percent Future Oct. 12, 2016, Ottawa Opening remarks: Victor Dodig, President & CEO, CIBC Panelists: Victor Dodig, President & CEO, CIBCRoberta Jamieson, President & CEO, IndspireChris Ragan, Associate Professor, Economics,...

Date: Monday October 17, 2016

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