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Friends in Low (Carbon) Places – Task Force 1 Final Report

This report seeks the path forward for Canada’s energy future. We examine what a low-carbon future means for R&I communities and their economic well-being, and identify strategies and policies that will put R&I communities on a path to resilient and clean economies.

Date: Thursday March 8, 2018

Jonathan Perron-Clow 613.238.7858 Ext: 224 Jonathan Perron-Clow is the Project Lead for the Learning Programs and Action Canada Fellowship at the Public Policy Forum after having joined PPF in the communications team....

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

How Can Integrated Innovation Advance Well-being and Inclusive Growth?

...wellbeing using social innovation, and identified policy changes and conditions for strengthening social innovation in Canada. This summary document highlights key themes from the discussions and identifies where additional action...

Date: Thursday September 8, 2016

André Beaulieu

...Since 2015, as Senior Vice-President, Corporate services for BCE, André Beaulieu is responsible for one of the largest procurement portfolios in Canada, and the Value Creation team who leads...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

From the barn to the bench

...of food they expect in Canada.” Of course, there were challenges along the way. For example, much of the work on HIR was done first in pigs, which are an...

Date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Broadening Talent Pathways: How to Make Cross-Sector Mobility Meaningful

...mobility as a talent management tool can help build dynamic, versatile organizations across sectors. Despite the potential benefits of mobility, opportunities in Canada remain undervalued and underutilized. To better understand...

Date: Wednesday June 29, 2016

Building Authentic Partnerships: Aboriginal Participation in Major Resource Development Opportunities

...This report details the outcomes of a pan-Canadian roundtable series convened by the Public Policy Forum, in partnership with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and in collaboration with...

Date: Monday October 15, 2012

Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit – Summary Report

PPF hosted Ontario's first Digital Inclusion Summit back in February. Now, the summary report is available with key takeaways from the event that sparked a larger conversation on making the internet work for all.

Date: Tuesday May 29, 2018

Allan Clarke Allan Clarke joined the Public Policy Forum after serving over 30 years in the Public Service of Canada. Most recently, he held the position of Director General, Economic...

Date: Friday February 16, 2018

Marta Morgan

...and Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Sector. Prior to Industry Canada, Ms. Morgan held positions at the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), the Privy Council Office, and Human Resources...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

Glenda Yeates

...Ms. Glenda Yeates was Deputy Minister of Health Canada from April 2010 to August 2013, after serving as Associate Deputy Minister of Health Canada since May of 2009. Prior...

Date: Friday November 10, 2017

Job Posting: Vice-President of Policy or refresh public policy thinking in Canada within any and all orders of government.  The Vice-President of Policy plans, coordinates, and undertakes research and engagement activities of priority to...

Date: Thursday March 22, 2018

First Nations Finance Authority (Ernie Daniels, CEO): By fixing finance rules, First Nations can invest in themselves

The First Nations Finance Authority is being honored as a Governor General Innovation Award recipient on May 23 for their ground-breaking innovative funding regime that reduces borrowing cuts and provides interest rate security for First Nations communities across the country.

Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

Jan. 17, 2014: Social Finance – Roundtable Summary Report

...On November 22, 2013, the Public Policy Forum convened a roundtable discussion with senior policy leaders and social innovators to explore the future of social finance in Canada and...

Date: Friday January 17, 2014

One-on-One: Navdeep Bains and John Manley on innovation

...VIDEO: Diversity, talent, immigration and picking winners are all keys to a better innovation culture in Canada, minister says Notable quotes Talent “should be our number one focus.”Bains called...

Date: Wednesday October 19, 2016

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