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We need a China strategy, so let’s get it right

In this Globe and Mail op-ed, our Forum on China co-chairs argue that with rules-based trade down South on the fritz, it really is time to look elsewhere and that includes China.

Date: Monday June 18, 2018

No print, no private owners, fewer problems? Quebec’s 134-year-old La Presse is going nonprofit

Nieman Lab This model of ‘journalism as non-profit’ buys time, but it isn’t necessarily a long-term solution, especially not on its own. Read what PPF’s President and CEO Edward Greenspon told Nieman Labs following LaPresse announcement that it was going to become a non-profit entity. Last year’s Shattered Mirror is cited as it suggested this...

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

La Presse to become a non-profit run by a social trust

Montreal Gazette PPF’s President and CEO Edward Greenspon comments on a story about LaPresse’s move to non-profit status. “Even a non-profit can’t be a perennial loser,” he says highlighting how this move is only part of the solution. It follows one of the recommendations from Shattered Mirror which suggested it should be easier for news entities...

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

Former Globe and Mail editor-in-chief on the future of Canadian news

CBC News ‘It’s a historic day,’ says PPF President and CEO Edward Greenspon about LaPresse’s move to a non-profit format, as had been suggested in Shattered Mirror. Watch the clip

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

Migrants find jobs, prosperity — if they stay in region

Immigrants who stay in Atlantic Canada have higher employment levels, higher wages and face less discrimination than immigrants to other parts of Canada, yet the region struggles to attract newcomers and has the lowest retention rates in Canada.

Date: Wednesday May 2, 2018

Internet giants should support local news, culture, Melanie Joly says

Internet giants like Facebook and Google should play a direct role in investing in “trusted local journalism” and Canadian culture, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly said

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

‘Band-Aid solution’: Ottawa sets aside $50 million to support local journalism

National Post Ottawa has set aside $50 million over the next five years to support local news organizations in “underserved” communities, struggling to cope with industry-wide disruption brought on by internet giants such as Google and Facebook. “That’s a bit of a Band-Aid solution,” said John Hinds, the CEO of News Media Canada, who fears...

Date: Wednesday February 28, 2018

How to save local news without massive government bailouts

CBC Radio / The Current In the last decade more than 16,000 Canadian journalists have lost their jobs. And twenty-seven daily newspapers and 222 weekly have either closed or merged operations. But things might be looking up: according to reports, the new federal Liberal budget will include $50 million to spend on local journalism over the...

Date: Wednesday February 28, 2018

Ottawa opens door to charitable status for news organizations

The Globe and Mail The federal government says it is open to granting charitable status to media companies, which would allow them to receive tax-deductible donations to support investigative and public-interest journalism. Read article    

Date: Wednesday February 28, 2018

Community media can play a pivotal role in Canada’s disrupted news environment

Editor’s note: Following the publication of The Shattered Mirror, our report on news, democracy and trust in the digital age, the PPF is continuing the conversation on this crucial policy topic. Today, we are sharing an article from CACTUS, The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (@CACTUS62), which participated in our roundtables and...

Date: Monday April 3, 2017

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