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Public Policy Forum honours four Western Canadians with Peter Lougheed Awards

In this Business in Vancouver article, we explore the history of the Peter Lougheed Award winners. Winners will be celebrated at this year's Western Dinner in Vancouver Sept. 19. Sue Paish and Andrew Petter are highlighted in the article. To learn more about this year's winners - 

Date: Tuesday September 11, 2018

The Star Editorial: Canada needs to prevent meddling in our elections

In this The Star editorial, the Editorial Board addresses the ex-Facebook security chief Alex Stamos’ warnings that the 2018 American mid-term elections are already compromised by foreign medelling through social marketing tools and online subterfuge. The editorial looks at some of the policy options presented in the PPF report “Democracy Divided” and notes that updates...

Date: Thursday September 6, 2018

We can save democracy from destructive digital threats

In this Op-ed, Ed Greenspon and Taylor Owens discuss some of the policy options which would help address the threats to democracy posed by hate speech and disinformation, and which has been empowered by a highly consolidated digital media landscape.

Date: Tuesday August 21, 2018

Globe editorial: It’s too late for major new ideas to change how next year’s election will work

In this Globe & Mail editorial, the PPF report "Democracy Divided" and its authors Ed Greenspon and Taylor Owens are discussed, as well as the recommendations within the report. The editorial points out that electoral reform has stalled and notes that Greenspon and Owens recommendations could help Elections Canada protect themselves from threats in the digital age.

Date: Monday August 20, 2018

Ed Greenspon says Canada should level the playing field for Cdn. content creators who pay tax vs global internet giants like Facebook, Google & Netflix who don’t

Ed Greenspon spoke on CBC's Power & Politics about different policy options which would help Canadian content creators and address threats to democracy posed by increasingly consolidated Internet media giants.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Public Policy Forum report warns of tech giants’ negative effects on democracy

With the release of the PPF report "Democracy Divided", The Logic covers the threats that social media marketing tools and the highly consolidated digital media landscape creates for democracy in Canada and explains why this matters to Canadians.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Democracy is cracking and platforms are no help. What can we do about it? Some policy suggestions

In this Nieman Journalism Lab article we get an overview of the policy recommendations in the PPF report "Democracy Divided" as part of PPF's ongoing Shattered Mirror Series. The report addresses questions of disinformation and hate speech and its spread through social media marketing tools.

Date: Wednesday August 15, 2018

We need a China strategy, so let’s get it right

In this Globe and Mail op-ed, our Forum on China co-chairs argue that with rules-based trade down South on the fritz, it really is time to look elsewhere and that includes China.

Date: Monday June 18, 2018

No print, no private owners, fewer problems? Quebec’s 134-year-old La Presse is going nonprofit

This model of 'journalism as non-profit' buys time, but it isn't necessarily a long-term solution, especially not on its own. Read what PPF's President and CEO Edward Greenspon told Nieman Labs following LaPresse announcement that it was going to become a non-profit entity.

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

La Presse to become a non-profit run by a social trust

Montreal Gazette PPF’s President and CEO Edward Greenspon comments on a story about LaPresse’s move to non-profit status. “Even a non-profit can’t be a perennial loser,” he says highlighting how this move is only part of the solution. It follows one of the recommendations from Shattered Mirror which suggested it should be easier for news entities...

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

Former Globe and Mail editor-in-chief on the future of Canadian news

CBC News ‘It’s a historic day,’ says PPF President and CEO Edward Greenspon about LaPresse’s move to a non-profit format, as had been suggested in Shattered Mirror. Watch the clip

Date: Wednesday May 9, 2018

Migrants find jobs, prosperity — if they stay in region

Immigrants who stay in Atlantic Canada have higher employment levels, higher wages and face less discrimination than immigrants to other parts of Canada, yet the region struggles to attract newcomers and has the lowest retention rates in Canada.

Date: Wednesday May 2, 2018

Former N.B. premier says future of Atlantic Canada reliant on immigration

“I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say the future of Atlantic Canada is at stake,” former N.B. Premier Frank McKenna told the crowd of business leaders and academics at PPF's Atlantic Summit in Fredericton. His concern over the dwindling population of the region is buoyed by optimism about recent action taken by the four provinces and the federal government.

Date: Wednesday March 21, 2018

Internet giants should support local news, culture, Melanie Joly says

Internet giants like Facebook and Google should play a direct role in investing in “trusted local journalism” and Canadian culture, Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly said

Date: Wednesday March 14, 2018

Rigorous journalism can save us from fake news

Toronto Star After hearing from PPF President & CEO Edward Greenspon at a Senate Open Caucus meeting, Senators Raymonde Saint-Germain and Art Eggleton penned this op-ed for the Toronto Star in which they debate the merits of having government help the shell-shocked Canadian media industry. Read full article

Date: Wednesday March 7, 2018

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