Welcome to our new board directors

Date: Thursday November 15, 2018

Welcome aboard to five new directors on the Public Policy Forum board: Neil Desai, Christiane Fox, Eric Axford, Kathy Kinloch and Dominic Barton.

Dominic Barton
Eric AxfordKathy_Kinloch
Neil Desai leads strategic engagement with leaders from policing, national security and government agencies as VP at Magnet Forensics, is a fellow at Munk School, and previously served in the PMO.
Christiane Fox is Deputy Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth, and brings to the board her expertise from senior roles at Privy Council Office and 10 years at Industry Canada (now ISED) .
Dominic Barton is Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company and leads Bill Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth. A PPF Testimonial Award honouree, he has advised clients in banking, consumer goods, high tech and has worked extensively in Asia.
Eric Axford is Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Suncor. He is accountable for Suncor’s social innovation agenda, including oversight of the Suncor Energy Foundation, and plays a key role in stewarding Suncor’s many external relationships.
Kathy Kinloch is President of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), an institution of 50,000 students, is active on many boards, and is currently chairing British Columbia’s Emerging Economy Task Force.
We can’t fit all their expertise in a single blog, so please find out more about the new members – and all our board directors – here:
Last but not least, we say a heartfelt thank you to our outgoing board members: Serge Dupont, Marcel Lauzière, Glenda Yeates, and Peter Watson. Your insights and efforts for PPF have contributed enormously to the development of good policy that makes Canada better
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