Max FineDay’s challenge to Canada’s public servants: Embrace reconciliation or get out of the way

Date: Wednesday July 25, 2018

Indigenous leader Max FineDay had some strong words for senior federal public servants enrolled in a PPF’s learning series called Putting Reconciliation into Practice.

“If you are not in service to Indigenous people, it might be time for you to retire,” he told the group in a video message presented as part of a panel on the vision young people have for reconciliation. FineDay is Executive Director of Canadian Roots Exchange, an organization promoting reconciliation. “For too long, government has done all they can to make sure progress was not made,” he added.

“This is some of the hardest work that you will have to do as a public servant. It will require some unlearning and then re-learning,” he said, pointing out the difficult legacy current public servants have inherited from predecessors dating back to Confederation. “It’s going to have to be done in a way that sees Indigenous people as partners instead of impediments.”

His blunt words punctuated his broader message of hope in the face of uncertainty and challenges. 

Watch more of his video message here:

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