What are you reading over the holidays?


Dear friends,
The holiday season is a time to pause, reflect, catch our breath and, if we’re fortunate, find some inspiration for the year ahead. Many of us also try to find some precious time to catch up on our reading. At the suggestion of Garnet Garven, our Senior Fellow in Saskatchewan, we decided to canvas some leading members of the Canadian policy community to see what they planned to read over the holidays. I think you’ll agree that the responses we received are fascinating – and might even provide a few ideas for your own list of “must-reads”.

With no guidelines or rules offered, individuals responded with single titles, or sometimes more ambitious lists. Some noted recently-released “hot books”; others plan to savour or re-read classics from a nostalgic past. Also noteworthy is the rich mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Collectively, the titles we’ve assembled represent a delightful combination of intellectual stimulation and a sheer love of reading.

Please enjoy the list and have a wonderful holiday. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

On behalf of the Public Policy Forum Team.

David Mitchell
President & CEO