Towards Guidelines on Government Formation: Facilitating Openness & Transparency in Canada's Governance


Over the past year, the Public Policy Forum launched the Government Formation in Canada initiative to explore the possible utility of developing Canadian guidelines that clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders during and immediately following an election.  The study looked at the role of the Crown, elected representatives, senior public servants, the news media and the general public under such circumstances.

This report makes the case that such guidelines should be publicly-accessible and “principles-based” with the goal of clearly outlining the relevant roles, responsibilities and conventions that are central to the process.

The report synthesizes the findings of two roundtable discussions and a series of interviews with former Governors General, High Commissioners to Canada, former Clerks of the Privy Council, transition team leaders, scholars and members of the news media.



For further information, please contact:

James McLean
Research Associate
Public Policy Forum