Toward Food Security in Canada’s North


Canada’s Public Policy Forum is advancing the dialogue on one of the most important policy issues affecting people living in Northern Canada—food insecurity. The range of approaches –both within Canada’s Territories and Provinces, as well as in other northern nations with similar food insecurity issues – illustrate that there is no single best approach to solving food insecurity. Addressing the challenges within Canada will require a variety of initiatives, including support for country food, education programs, poverty alleviation measures and economic-development strategies.

Over the past year, Canada’s Public Policy Forum organized a series of roundtable discussions in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Ontario to identify current successes and remaining gaps in overcoming food insecurity in northern Canada, with a particular focus on the challenges confronting Aboriginal peoples. Bringing together leaders from communities, NGOs, Aboriginal organizations, and territorial, provincial and federal governments leaders, these multi-sector discussions have culminated in a final report that highlights positive developments, common challenges, and key recommendations shared by roundtable participants.


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