Skills and Learning in Canada: A Review of Key Issues That Could Affect Canada’s Future Economic Prosperity and Social Development


Canada has enjoyed exceptional and sustained economic growth for the past 15 years – strong commodity prices have created a currency advantage in export markets, the R&D collaboration between universities and the private sector is strong, post-secondary education attainment is one of the highest amongst OECD countries, the overall unemployment rate has fallen, and the number of small and medium enterprises have risen in the last decade. However, as international competition for talent and capital continue to intensify, now may be the time to review one of the critical elements for any economy – skills and learning.

The purpose of this background paper is two-fold: its first objective is to examine areas affecting skills and learning in Canada. Second, it will serve as a springboard for discussion at the CGA-Canada Skills and Learning Regional Roundtables Organized by the PPF to help gain a sense of the regional manifestations of these issues.