Sharing Responsibility for Cancer Drug Costs


In partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Action Network, the Public Policy Forum brought together key stakeholders to consider opportunities to jointly create a better system of cancer drug coverage for Canadians. Aligning with the broader goal of sustainable and accessible pharmaceutical coverage for all Canadians, this symposium served as a timely platform to revisit aspirations and inform future directions given the upcoming renewal of the Health Accord.

Discussions focused on expectations for out-of-pocket expenditures, strategies to pool financial risk, and key roles for stakeholders. The programme featured a range of perspectives, including the views of patients and providers, public and private payers, as well as renowned experts in health economics. This symposium was the third event on cancer drug access organized by the Public Policy Forum. While previous symposia focused on increasing awareness and sharing innovation, this event was aimed at building momentum for collective action.

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