Securing Canada’s cyberspace


Securing Canada’s cyberspace

*UPDATE: Canada's government will soon obligate companies to diclose hacking attemps and data breaches. Read the article at The Ottawa Citizen here.

While Canadians have openly embraced a new era of digital and technological innovation, the advent of the Internet has ushered in threats formerly unimaginable. What is cybercrime, and how is it perpetrated? More importantly, why — despite greater awareness of cybercrime and the components of an effective cybersecurity strategy — are businesses, governments and individuals still not adequately protecting themselves from online attacks?

In 2016, the Public Policy Forum convened cyber-security experts from government, business and academia to explore these types of complex questions. Over a series of discussions, participants identified legal, philosophical, cultural, resource and education obstacles that deter Canadians from understanding cyber threats and implementing effective solutions. As discussed in this report, we believe that by understanding and removing these barriers, stakeholders will be better positioned to implement strategies that protect Canadians from online attack.

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