Report: Second Annual Symposium on Cancer Drug Access


This symposium highlighted persistent issues in cancer drug access, discussed specific solutions and called for immediate leadership from all sectors, not just governments.

The Public Policy Forum in conjunction with the Canadian Cancer Action Network and the Canadian Cancer Society convened a symposium which aimed to move forward issues central to cancer drug access in Canada.

Occurring on September 30 in Ottawa, the event brought together stakeholders for a deliberative session to discuss possible actions to address four major issues:

  • Drug plan coverage: Inequities in coverage by private and public drug plans
  • Promising models to reduce barriers (such as out-of-pocket expenses) to cancer drugs while ensuring financial sustainability
  • Value for money: What health benefits do new and often expensive drugs provide and how can spending on drugs maximize health outcomes?
  • Collaboration: Models of collaboration between all stakeholders to address cancer drug access.


This report is the outcome of these discussions.

Click here to find more information about the event (agenda, slides, photos).