The Road to Retention


Retention is a hot issue among governments and employers across Canada as many struggle to attract and keep young workers. The knowledge economy, an aging workforce, shifting values and social trends, youth outmigration, and increased global competition for talent are putting pressure on employers to re-imagine their organizational culture and re-set their human resources management.

Against this backdrop, how can we begin to negotiate the disconnect between Generation Y and the organizational cultures they encounter?

This is the crux of the new report The Road to Retention, by the Public Policy Forum. The report is the result of a recently completed cross-country engagement series that convened approximately 300 young Canadians and select established leaders.

These young people explored their values, influences and aspirations regarding work and the workplace, discussed with their elders, how these shape their decisions about whether to stay or to leave a job, and put forward recommendations to help shape successful organizations of the future.

The result is ten recommendations for organizations in all sectors - private, public and not-for-profit - to consider in their efforts to attract and retain young talent.

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