Ontario's Condominium Act Review: Stage One Findings Report


Training and support for board members. Better informed, more engaged owners. More effective communication and dispute resolution. Minimum standards and qualifications for managers. These are some of the issues stakeholders from Ontario’s booming condominium sector have identified as priorities for an update of the province’s condominium legislation.

Canada’s Public Policy Forum shared these and other findings today in its report on Stage One of a three-phase public engagement exercise that is informing the review of Ontario’s Condominium Act, 1998,  the responsibility of the Ministry of Cosumer Services. Since current legislation came into effect over a decade ago, Ontario's condo sector has seen dramatic growth. Today, condominiums account for almost half of new homes built in the province, and about 1.3 million Ontarians call a condo their home.

Through the fall of 2012, hundreds of condominium sector stakeholders—owners, developers, property managers, and others—met to talk about what changes they want to see in a modernized Condominium Act. The issues and solutions they identified can be grouped into six categories: governance, dispute resolution, financial management, consumer protection, condominium manager qualifications, and issues outside the Act (property taxes, insurance, etc.).

Stage Two will begin in March 2013, when experts will review the Stage One findings and develop options for renewing the Act. In Stage Three, which will begin in the fall of 2013, the options will be reviewed and validated by condominium owners and other stakeholders, after which they will be presented to the government and the condominium sector.

The public is invited to comment on the findings report by March 11, 2013 at oncondo@ontario.ca.

The Ministry of Consumer Services has provided funding to Canada’s Public Policy Forum to lead the public engagement process in support of Ontario’s Condominium Act Review. Learn more about Public Engagement and the Forum.