Marshalling Incubators to Build Global Companies


Marshalling incubators to build global companies


What opportunities do Canada’s incubators offer the unmet demands and ideas of Canada’s academics? If appropriately challenged and exposed to the demands of researchers as customers, could entrepreneurs in incubators be the suppliers of the technologies that researchers need? Could the co-location of researchers and entrepreneurs in incubators secure a growing, paying customer base, and also advance new ventures from research outputs?

The Public Policy Forum identified the necessary functions – smart capital, academia and research and incubation administration – to test this idea and the potential for its application. In May 2016, ERA-Can+ partners, led by the Public Policy Forum, hosted a multi-sectoral team of experts in Ireland, where they met with a group that represented some of Europe’s most successful incubators and accelerators. The resulting report from this series of collaborations examines, in greater detail, how best to marshal incubators to build global companies. 

For more information about upcoming work in this area, in Canada, please contact Rhonda Moore, Policy Lead, Public Policy Forum. 

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