Innovation in Canada’s Resource Sectors


Canada's resource industries contribute nearly $150B to the Canadian economy, roughly 12% of GDP. As a central pillar of the Canadian economy, the natural resource sectors must maintain a globally competitive position, while also addressing new challenges including environmental sustainability and growing expectations from civil society for public engagement. In order to meet these emerging challenges, developing an innovation strategy for the natural resource sector must be considered an essential goal for both the resource industries, and for the Canadian government. On October 22, 2010, the Public Policy Forum convened a one-day conference in Calgary entitled, "Innovation in Canada's Resource Sectors" to discuss approaches to innovation in the resource sectors.

This gathering brought together senior representatives from the mining, forestry, oil and gas, and agricultural resource sectors in Canada, as well as leaders from the public and academic sectors. The goal of the conference was to better understand where innovation is currently occurring in the resource sectors and to identify new areas of opportunity. Participants sought to identify specific actions that can help make Canada's resource sectors more creative, competitive, and resilient. The insights gleaned from this event are conveyed in the Conference Report: Innovation in Canada's Resource Sectors.