Innovation and the Human Brain: Creating Value for Ontario and Leading the World


On May 16th 2011, IBM, Baycrest and the Public Policy Forum convened Innovation and the Human Brain. This conference was convened, in part, at the request of the Minister of Research and Innovation in an effort to bring together business, academia and government to tackle one of the main issues which will define Ontario's innovation agenda over the coming decade - brain research.

Participants in the conference took part in a day-long discussion of emerging research in the field of brain science, and explored how they can work together across disciplines, sectors and borders to advance Ontario's leadership in innovation and the human brain.

To achieve success, there must be leadership and collaboration across all sectors. Discussions throughout this symposium focused on Ontario's strengths in this area, and highlighted emerging and existing institutional factors which will greatly help in further enhancing the province's innovation capacity.

This report presents the research discussed, and also provides insight into how participants felt public policy, academic practices and business partnerships could better enhance the province's capacity to meet its goal.