Enhancing Energy Production and Environmental Outcomes through Genomics


Genome Alberta and Canada's Public Policy Forum co-convened a special workshop which brought together members of industry, government and academia to:

1) Discuss the role genomics can play in developing a more productive and responsible hydrocarbon energy sector.

2) Assess the Albertan, Canadian and international research and infrastructure capacity in environmental and energy genomics.

3) Explore funding models that will advance research in Genomics.

Following from this successful conference, Genome Alberta and the Public Policy Forum co-authored a policy paper designed to put forward the case for supporting greater innovation in the hydrocarbon genomics sector.

This report details the initial steps which leaders and stakeholders must take in order to seize this opportunity to help Canada lead in hydrocarbon development and dramatically improve our environmental record from such activities.

In the media

Edmonton Journal - Energy's green progress goes genomic



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Research Associate
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