PPF-Pollara Poll

PPF-Pollara Poll: Question Period Not Working for Most Canadians

The first instalment in the Public Policy Forum - Pollara National Dialogue PollTM Series reveals that most Canadians hold negative views of how Question Period currently functions, but still value the necessity and potential of this parliamentary centrepiece.

Two-thirds (66%) of Canadians agree that Question Period is "just a forum for politicians to grandstand for the media and try to score cheap, political points" and a majority (56%) "think less of our system of government when I see scenes from Question Period".

Nevertheless, 61% agree that "opposition parties would not have the opportunity to hold the government accountable" without it. Significantly, two-thirds (66%) feel that it "needs to be reformed and improved".

"Canadians clearly want a more effective Parliament," said David Mitchell, President and CEO of the Public Policy Forum. "Through this poll, the public is issuing a call to action for MPs to work together more constructively, with Question Period being the place to start."

The poll also provides meaningful insights into Canadians' views on the effectiveness of recent minority parliaments.

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