Ontario Condominium Act Review: Stage Three


The third and final stage of this public engagement exercise was recently launched with a residents’ panel meeting to review the stage two solutions report published on September 24, 2013. The public had 45 days to provide feedback on the report, and more than 1,000 people responded with valuable comments on the proposed expert recommendations.

Next Steps:

From now to January 2014, the Public Policy Forum will hold sessions across Ontario to give condo residents and stakeholders the opportunity review and validate the recommendations.Following stage three, the Government of Ontario will communicate a plan and work on legislation to modernize the Condo Act. Sessions are planned as follows:
  • December 9, Ottawa
  • December 10, Mississauga
  • December 12,Toronto
  • January 16, London
  • January 23, Scarborough
The roundtables are capped at 20 participants. There will be a waiting list maintained for additional residents interested in participating. For more information, please email oncondo@ontario.ca

In stage one, hundreds of owners and other stakeholders from across the condo community in Ontario met through the fall of 2012 to share their concerns and priorities regarding the Condo Act. The purpose of stage one was to build consensus on the issues and problems in the sector.  The Stage One Findings Report suggested that new tools are needed not only to improve how condos are managed and governed, but also to help build a sense of shared responsibility within condo communities.  

Stage two began in spring 2013 with 36 subject matter experts taking a closer look at the issues raised in stage one, and considering the feasibility of the proposed options. Five working groups and a panel of experts reviewed the stage one findings and developed over 100 recommendations for renewing the Act.  These recommendations can be found in the Stage Two Solutions Report