Sustaining Canada’s prosperity depends on a strong public service that allows citizens and organizations to thrive in a highly competitive, interdependent global economy. As governments face unprecedented challenges, a high-performing public service becomes even more vital to domestic and global success.

From fiscal austerity and shifting demographics to new technologies and evolving expectations, the public sector operates in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing landscape that demands greater organizational agility and creativity. Political relationships and accountability pressures also have an impact on roles and responsibilities in the public service.

Over the past quarter century, Canada’s Public Policy Forum has established a strong reputation as a leader in public sector research and dialogue. Our work on the Public Service ranges from signature events celebrating public sector excellence to initiatives examining opportunities for building better government.

With a renewed strategic focus on public service and governance over the next three years, the Forum is undertaking a number of key projects under the umbrella of Public Service Next. In collaboration with various partners and stakeholders, we will explore changing dynamics in government and innovative strategies for shaping the public service of tomorrow. PS Next will examine a range of top-of-mind issues in the public sector, such as adapting to new technology, developing productivity measures, and redefining leadership competencies for the future.



Key Projects:

Ten Top Skills: building the capacity of the next generation of public sector leadersTo explore the changing nature of public service and leadership competencies across government, the Forum is interviewing a cross-section of Canadian leaders. We are also organizing multi-sector roundtables and other events to gather diverse perspectives on public sector leadership.
Public service employee engagement: advice on Blueprint 2020The Forum is consulting with leaders outside the federal public service on the vision put forward in the Government of Canada’s employee engagement strategy, Blueprint 2020.
Agility in Government
Looking at the future of government in Canada, such as the changing factors that influence productivity, this research project involves multi-sectoral interviews and pan-Canadian roundtables. In partnership with PwC.
Public sector productivity: defining the Canadian context
This project will focus on defining the essential elements of public sector productivity, and how it might best be measured and better understood.