PPF welcomes Lori Turnbull as a Fellow


OTTAWA, OCT. 11, 2017 -– Edward Greenspon, President and CEO of the Public Policy Forum, is pleased to welcome Lori Turnbull as a PPF Fellow. An Associate Professor at Dalhousie University, Prof. Turnbull focuses her research on Canadian political institutions, democratic reform and the Senate expense scandal.

Prof. Turnbull's work has been published in the Canadian Public Administration journal, the Canadian Political Science Review, the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law and How Ottawa Spends. In 2011, she co-wrote Democratizing the Constitution with Peter Aucoin and Mark Jarvis, a book that won the 2011 Donner Prize and the 2012 Donald Smiley Prize.

Prof. Turnbull is co-chairing the Political Finance roundtable being held by the PPF in conjunction with Elections Canada today in Montreal.