July 18, 2014 - Baloney Meter: Claims on interprovincial trade barriers range from $2B -$50B


In July 2014, Julian Beltrame, a journalist with the Canadian Press, interviewed the Public Policy Forum’s Executive Vice President, Paul Ledwell, on how misaligned regulations and policies are limiting the flow of goods, services, labour and capital across our provincial borders. After convening over 150 multi-sector leaders at a symposium in Ottawa in 2013, the Forum released a report that suggests that stakeholders do not have the data or tools to accurately measure the true impact of internal trade barriers on the Canadian economy.

"We had practitioners from different industries, provincial trade leaders, economists and other experts who are spending their time analyzing this and everybody talked about the range, that it could be as little as $3 billion and as high as $49 billion," said Ledwell in the interview. "The problem is that nobody's come up with a real number and it's not good enough given the importance of the issue."

To access the Public Policy Forum’s report on internal trade barriers in Canada, please click here