Does Canada need a Chief Innovation Officer?: Innovation activist John Kao to speak in Ottawa


Canada has a tough job trying to compete with the big and emerging players in the global economy and the question remains can we? Should we?

Innovation activist John Kao will speak to leaders from the public and private sectors to offer global perspectives of innovation. He will explain how Canada fits in the bigger picture and competes in what can be considered the G2 (China and the US) world.

Who: John Kao, American Innovation specialist, author of bestseller Innovation Nation, chairman of the Institute for Large Scale Innovation, advisor to many nations and regions on innovation strategies and execution including Singapore, Finland, Abu Dhabi as well as the US and EU.

What: The New Geography of Innovation: A luncheon address
Where: Salon Room, National Arts Centre, Ottawa
When: Tuesday, January 11, 11:30 - 1:30

Event hashtag: #kao

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Caitlin Kealey, Director of Communications
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