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  • Getting Out The Vote

    May 10 2011

    Are negative politics turning voters off? Can anything be done to re-engage voters? David Mitchell deconstructs voter apathy on CBC News.

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  • 24th Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards

    May 5 2011

    The 24th Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards was held on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 in Toronto.The event was co-chaired by the Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick, and Elyse Allan, President & CEO of GE Canada.

    This year's honourees included the Honourable William G. Davis, Gordon M. Nixon, Monique F. Leroux, and Jim Stanford. The 2011 Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism was presented to André Picard and the 2011 Emerging Leaders Award was presented to Victor T. Thomas.

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  • The 24th Annual Testimonial Dinner and Awards on the Public Record

    Apr 28 2011

    CPAC's Public Record covers the Public Policy Forum's 24th Annual Testimonial Dinner and Awards.

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  • Go Vote!

    Apr 27 2011

    Why should youth vote in the upcoming federal election? Hear from young Canadians in Ottawa who reject apathy.

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  • CTV News Channel: David Mitchell

    Apr 12 2011

    Our president David Mitchell discusses the upcoming televised political debates and how they offer the Canadian people a chance to 'comparison shop' amongst the different leaders, on CTV News.

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  • Running on Big Ideas

    Apr 7 2011

    Don Lenihan discusses how the historic role political parties once had as brokers of big ideas has been transformed by the new policy environment, on The Agenda.

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  • David Mitchell discussing minority governments on Canada AM

    Apr 5 2011

    David Mitchell, president and CEO of the Public Policy Forum, breaks down the pros and cons of majority and minority governments with co-hosts Beverly Thomson of Canada AM.

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  • PrimeTime Politics - The possibility of a coalition

    Mar 28 2011

    David Mitchell, John Gormley (Saskatchewan talk radio host) and Bruce Hicks (Université de Montréal) discuss coalitions and minority governments with Peter Van Dusen, host of  CPAC's PrimeTime Politics.

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  • PrimeTime Politics - The election kick off and the possibility of a coalition

    Mar 24 2011

    Peter Van Dusen host of  CPAC's PrimeTime Politics, speaks with Ned Franks of Queen’s University, and David Mitchell, president of the Public Policy Forum about the questions surrounding the possibility of a coalition government.

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  • Parliament on the Move, a CPAC Interview with David Mitchell

    Feb 25 2011

    President and CEO of the Public Policy Forum, David Mitchell, talks about Parliament on the Road with CPAC host Peter Van Dusen.

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  • Results of Public Policy Forum - Sustainable Prosperity Canadian Poll on Public Opinion on Climate Change announced on CBC Powerplay

    Feb 25 2011

    Paul Ledwell from the Public Policy Forum and Alex Wood from Sustainable Prosperity discuss climate change policy on CBC Powerplay.

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  • David Mitchell discusses a collaborative approach to governing on CBC News

    Feb 16 2011

    CBC reporter Hannah Thibedeau covers the events surrounding the 5-year anniversary of Prime Minister Harper's minority government. David Mitchell, president and CEO of the Public Policy Forum, discusses the need for a federal collaborative approach to governing.

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  • David Mitchell discusses Canadian politics with Studio 4 host Fanny Kiefer

    Feb 14 2011

    The Public Policy Forum's president, David Mitchell is interviewed by Studio 4's Fanny Kiefer on his views of five years of Stephen Harper's minority government and what the big issues will be in next Federal election.

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  • The New Geography of Innovation: A Luncheon with John Kao

    Jan 11 2011

    On January 11, 2010 in Ottawa, the Public Policy Forum hosted a luncheon featuring a lecture delivered by innovation activist John Kao entitled, "The New Geography of Innovation".

    John Kao and PPF President & CEO David Mitchell took a few minutes before the event to discuss innovation in Canada.

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  • Interview with John Kao (CBO-FM Ottawa Morning)

    Jan 11 2011

    CBC Radio Ottawa Morning interviews innovation advocate and best-selling author John Kao. During his interview he describes the innovation hotspots around the world, and warns that there will be a cost for nations that don’t embrace innovation.

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  • The New Geography of Innovation with John Kao

    Jan 11 2011

    Innovation activist John Kao speaks at a luncheon hosted by the PPF on January 11, 2011 where he delivered a lecture entitled "The New Geography of Innovation".

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  • Ideas Festival 2010

    Dec 6 2010

    The Ideas Festival brought business and government leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and change-makers to Atlantic Canada from across the country together to engage with the people and ideas shaping our world. The Festival tackled many of Canada's big issues - economic recovery, aging population, youth outmigration and competition for talent, energy sustainability and democratic participation.

    Co-produced by the Public Policy Forum and 21inc this year, the Festival took place on November 24-26 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and brought Canada's most established leaders in business, government, academia, and the social sector into direct dialogue with some of our brightest young minds. The Ideas Festival is predicated on the belief that an intergenerational approach to planning and decision making is central to creatively addressing challenges that we face as a society.

    Hope, leadership, risk-taking and collaboration were some of the key themes that resonated throughout the Festival. Every session at the Ideas Festival strongly enforced the belief that to solve our complex problems, we need to collaborate, we need to innovate, and we need strong leaders.


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    Find more content on the Ideas Festival 2010 event page.

  • Canada Research Chairs: Thinking Ahead for a Strong Future

    Dec 6 2010

    Ontario Research and Development Minister Glen Murray delivered an inspiring speech to attendees at Canada Research Chairs: Thinking Ahead for a Strong Future. The conference celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Canada Research Chairs Program.

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  • 5th Annual Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture - Featuring John Furlong

    Nov 18 2010

    In a passionate speech that had the audience on their feet at the end, John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games delivered the 2010 Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture, . "A Vision Too Far? Lessons From the Games That Changed Canada," in Ottawa on November 18, 2010.

    Click here to watch an interview with John Furlong.

    Click here to listen to John Furlong's speech.

  • "Health Innovation: A Canadian Strategy" by David Mitchell

    Nov 8 2010

    David Mitchell, President of the Public Policy Forum delivered the keynote address at Research Canada's fifth annual Health Research Caucus Luncheon in Ottawa. Entitled Health Innovation: A Canadian Strategy his talk explored the importance of innovation in Canada and the role that healthcare has the potential of playing as it represents 12% of our economy.

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    Click here to view the presentation slides.

  • Innovation in Canada's Resource Sectors

    Oct 22 2010

    Canada's resource industries contribute nearly $150B to the Canadian economy, roughly 12% of GDP. As a central pillar of the Canadian economy, the natural resource sectors must maintain a globally competitive position, while also addressing new challenges including environmental sustainability and growing expectations from civil society for public engagement. In order to meet these emerging challenges, developing an innovation strategy for the natural resource sector must be considered an essential goal for both the resource industries, and for the Canadian government. On October 22, the Public Policy Forum convened a one-day conference in Calgary to discuss approaches to innovation in the resource sectors.

    This gathering brought together senior representatives from the mining, forestry, oil and gas, and agricultural resource sectors in Canada, as well as leaders from the public and academic sectors. The goal of the conference was to better understand where innovation is currently occurring in the resource sectors and to identify new areas of opportunity. Participants sought to identify specific actions that can help make Canada's resource sectors more creative, competitive, and resilient.

    Avrim Lazar, President & CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada provided a keynote luncheon address on Innovation in Public Engagement - bringing together stakeholders in new and provocative ways.

    Click here to listen to Avrim Lazar's speech.

    You can also access speaker presentations and photos from the conference on the event page


  • Making Parliament More Functional and Relevant

    Sep 16 2010

    Presenting the Keynote Address at the Question Question Period conference Ed Broadbent gives his thoughts on improving the civility and functionality of Parliament - both through rules changes and electoral reforms. He argues that in order to make Parliament more relevant for Canadians we must ensure that it serves its intended purpose as a platform for honest, articulate debate. The House of Commons, he suggests, should be able to accommodate political conviction without the unruly behavior we see today. But, he notes that our current party system and method of electing MPs hampers efforts to reduce the animosity in the House - major structural reforms in these areas, he argues, are needed.

  • Reinventing Canadian Media

    May 18 2010

    On May 18th and 19th, 2010 in Ottawa, the Public Policy Forum and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in collaboration with the Canadian Media Research Consortium hosted an event entitled, "Reinventing Canadian Media". At this conference, participants explored the changing digital world and its effects on media production and distribution models.

    The event featured Jeff Jarvis, author of What would Google Do?, as keynote speaker on the evening of the 18th.

    For more on this event, click here to view the event page.




  • 23rd Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards

    Apr 29 2010

    Each year at the Forum's Testimonial Dinner, over one thousand leaders from all sectors of Canadian society gather to pay tribute to distinguished Canadians who have made an outstanding contribution to the quality of public policy and public management in our country.

    These men and women from various walks of professional life exemplify the Public Policy Forum's commitment to achieving greater understanding and cooperation between the public and private sectors to improve the quality of government in Canada. A jury appointed by the Public Policy Forum selects the honourees from among candidates nominated by Forum members.

    The 23rd Annual Testimonial Dinner & Awards was held on April 29, 2010 in Toronto. The event was co-chaired by The Honourable Darrell Dexter, Premier of Nova Scotia, and Chantal Hébert, Political Columnist, The Toronto Star.

    This years honourees included Phil Fontaine, Carole Taylor, Tony Dean and Preston Manning. The 2010 Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism was presented to Bernard Derome and the 2010 Emerging Leaders Award was presented to Gabriel Bran Lopez.

    For more information on the event, please visit the Testimonial Dinner page.

  • Deploying Clean Technologies: Canada-United States Private Sector and Government Investment in Cleantech

    Apr 27 2010

    The Public Policy Forum convened an expert roundtable in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Washington, the Canada Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Center for American Progress to discuss private and public sector investment in clean technologies in Canada and the United States.

    This event brought together some 50 leaders from the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors for a constructive cross-border dialogue, informed by expert speakers, and aimed at practical next steps to improve collaboration. The event featured a luncheon address by His Excellency Gary Doer, Canada's Ambassador to the United States of America, who shared his well informed thoughts on this subject.