Marcel Côté Award for Leadership in Public Policy

Nomination Form

Note: The identity of the nominees shall remain confidential. The Public Policy Forum asks the individuals or groups who nominate a candidate to respect this requirement.

In support of your nomination:

Please describe briefly, using specific examples, how the candidate stands out and embodies the guiding values and principles which Marcel Côté fought for and which were at the core of his achievements, whether in business dealings, political involvement, or cultural and community engagement, namely:

  • Commitment and action-oriented: contributes significantly, through his or her engagement and actions, to the improvement of public policy at the municipal, provincial, national, and/or international levels;
  • Social engagement: makes the quality of life and the vitality of his or her community a priority through support for various social or cultural causes;
  • Leadership: demonstrates inspiring leadership and initiative throughout his or her career, with a special commitment to supporting youth and the next generation;
  • Collaboration and inclusion: contributes to constructive relationships and exchanges between various stakeholders and sectors, by commanding respect and by demonstrating integrity and authenticity.

Please attach to this form a short biography describing the candidate’s achievements, including: career and current position, volunteer work, education, training, awards and other notable accomplishments.