Digital Innovation in Canada: Data Analytics and the Internet of Things (Ottawa)


When: Lundi 18 Avril 2016, 12h00

Where: Public Policy Forum, 1405-130 Albert St., Ottawa

The data generated by a growing network of connected people, places, and things is a new asset class that presents a wave of economic opportunity. But unlocking this value depends on the underlying regulatory and business issues, which are interdependent and concern data ownership. There is enormous potential for Canada to lead in innovation and data application. And this starts with improving our understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT), its value and how to properly govern the new phenomenon.

Business and policy leaders want to understand more clearly how IoT and data analytics applications can create real economic value for Canadian businesses. This project will help determine what the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector opportunities are in Canada and how to capture maximum benefits.

The Public Policy Forum and project partners brought together Canadian tech start-ups, business leaders, policymakers and academics to discuss the state of innovation in Canada and the value proposition of the broader space of the Internet of Things and data analytics. While roundtable participation is by invitation only, a summary report will be available on the Forum’s website following the conclusion of the project.

For information:

Sara Caverley
Project Lead
613-238-7858 ext. 228

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