Roundtable Outcomes Report: The Future of the Bio-Based Economy in Canada


(disponible en anglais seulement)

The bio-based economy offers significant long-term opportunities for strengthening Canada's competitive advantage in terms of dealing with environmental challenges, improving the health of Canadians, and revitalizing the manufacturing sector. But it also faces tremendous challenges--including a short-term cash crunch for biotech companies and a culture of complacency in Canada around innovation and entrepreneurship.
These were some of the key messages from the multi-stakeholder roundtable, at which participants heard from expert speakers and discussed BIOTECanada's blueprint document, Beyond Moose and Mountains: how we can build the world's leading bio-based economy.  A number of possible next steps were proposed, including more effective collaboration across all sectors of the bio-based economy; other recommendations focused on the regulatory environment, intellectual property, and public sector industrial strategy.