Transition to a Low Carbon Economy: the Dutch Approach & Lessons for Canada

Quand : Mardi 9 Février 2010, 7h30

Endroit : Rideau Club, Ottawa

(en anglais seulement)

Featuring presentations and discussion about how the Dutch are transitioning to a low carbon economy, this breakfast provided policymakers with insight into approaches Canada might take to address its own pressing energy issues.

The speakers included:
Hugo Brouwer, head of the Dutch Energy Transition Program and
Gerrit Jan Koopman, Managing Director at the Royal Netherlands' Paper and Board Association.

They shared their experience and discussed a variety of issues including:
funding tactics;

  • regulatory barriers to innovation;
  • knowledge management and communications;
  • the role of government, the private sector and other actors in the transition process; and
    the successes and failures of their work.

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