Not the Usual Suspects Breakfast featuring Melanie Aitken, Commissioner of Competition

Quand : Jeudi 25 Mars 2010, 7h30

Endroit : Rideau Club, Ottawa

(disponible en anglais seulement)

The Public Policy Forum, in partnership with Enbridge, hosted Commissioner of Competition Melanie Aitken, to open the second installment of the Public Policy Forum's Not the Usual Suspects series.

Confirmed in August 2009, Commissioner Aitken is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act and three labelling statutes, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, the Precious Metals Marking Act and the Textile Labelling Act. Under the Competition Act, the Commissioner can launch inquiries, challenge civil and merger matters before the Competition Tribunal, make recommendations on criminal matters to the Attorney General of Canada, and intervene as a competition advocate before federal and provincial bodies. For more information on the Competition Bureau and its commissioner, please visit the Competition Bureau website.

Given these responsibilities, how does the Bureau interact with other law enforcement agencies in Canada? What is her role in overseeing the enforcement of the law? How has both the shift towards globalization and, more recently, the economic downturn changed the nature of her office and the number of cases she handles yearly? And, how will the provisions in Budget 2010 around attracting higher levels of foreign investment into Canada affect her mandate going forward?

These questions and more were discussed at the breakfast.

The Not the Usual Suspects speakers' series offers a unique glimpse into the halls of power as we showcase Ottawa insiders who are at the centre of emerging issues. From Officers of Parliament to senior decision-makers, the Not the Usual Suspects breakfast series is an opportunity to hear from some high-impact individuals and develop a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities and key challenges.

Speakers from our first breakfast series included: Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer; Mary Dawson, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner; Cassie Doyle, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada; Marie-Lucie Morin, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Associate Secretary to the Cabinet; and, Dr. David Butler-Jones, Chief Public Health Officer.