Not the Usual Suspects Breakfast featuring Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner

Quand : Vendredi 7 Mai 2010, 7h30

Endroit : Rideau Club, Ottawa

(en anglais seulement)

The Public Policy Forum and Enbridge were pleased to offer the third breakfast in our highly popular Not the Usual Suspects series on May 7th, featuring Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart.

Appointed in 2003, the Commissioner is an advocate for the privacy rights of Canadians. Her powers include: investigating complaints, conducting audits and pursuing court action under two federal laws; publicly reporting on the personal information-handling practices of public and private sector organizations; supporting, undertaking and publishing research into privacy issues; and promoting public awareness and understanding of privacy issues. For more information on the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, please visit the Commissioner's website.

During the breakfast, Commissioner Stoddart described her role and the role of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the process in place for investigating and ruling on cases, privacy legislation in Canada, and the role and value of privacy in a global society where security, trade, technology and consumer expectations have created a volatile atmosphere for our personal information.

Jennifer Stoddart
Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Jennifer Stoddart was appointed Canada's Privacy Commissioner by the Governor in Council, effective December 1, 2003, on unanimous resolutions adopted by both the House of Commons and the Senate, for a seven-year term.

Since taking on this role, Commissioner Stoddart has overseen a number of important investigations, including those concerning the privacy policies and practices of the popular social networking site Facebook and a massive data breach at U.S. retail giant TJX, which owns Winners and HomeSense stores in Canada. The Commissioner also led efforts to help private sector organizations understand their obligations under the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in the first years after the legislation came into force. She is working to promote online privacy for young people through the Office's new website,

Given Canada's international trade patterns, Commissioner Stoddart has become involved in global privacy issues through her work with international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which are examining ways to protect and enhance privacy rights on a global scale. In 2007, she hosted the 29th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, which brought together some of the world's foremost data protection experts.

Commissioner Stoddart was previously President of the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec, an organization responsible for both access to information and the protection of personal information. She has held several senior positions in public administration for the Governments of Québec and Canada, including at the Canadian and the Québec Human Rights Commissions. Commissioner Stoddart has been active in the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice, and has also lectured on history and legal sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal and McGill University. She is a member of the Québec Bar.

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The Not the Usual Suspects speakers' series offers a unique glimpse into the halls of power as we showcase some Ottawa insiders who are at the centre of emerging issues. From Officers of Parliament to senior decision-makers, the Not the Usual Suspects breakfast series is an opportunity to hear from some high-impact individuals and develop a better understanding of their roles, responsibilities and key challenges.

Speakers from our first breakfast series included: Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer; Mary Dawson, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner; Cassie Doyle, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada; Marie-Lucie Morin, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Associate Secretary to the Cabinet; and, Dr. David Butler-Jones, Chief Public Health Officer.


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