Inside Ottawa: Back to School

Quand : Mercredi 9 Septembre 2009, 10h00

Endroit : Governor-General’s Ballroom, Westin Hotel

(disponible en anglais seulement)

Recess is Over --- The Bells are Ringing!

On September 14th, Parliament returned from its summer recess under challenging circumstances. With a lingering recession, the mission in Afghanistan still making headlines, an upcoming G-20 Meeting, and a confidence vote that could plunge the country into an election, September alone promised to be an eventful month.

Like its predecessors, this latest installment of Inside Ottawa offered participants the chance to examine what lay ahead for the next session of Parliament, assess the political fortunes of each of the parties, and engage in an “open mic” discussion about reforming Canadian democracy in the afternoon. The day featured an opening presentation by pollster Nik Nanos, followed by a discussion with CBC Television’s At Issue panel, and a keynote luncheon speaker.