Innovation Next: Making Canada More Productive, Competitive and Resilient

Quand : Jeudi 27 Mai 2010, 8h30

Endroit : BMO Client Centre, 68th Floor, First Canadian Place, Toronto

(en anglais seulement)

To ensure its future prosperity, Canada must move to the next stage of innovation. At Innovation Next, leaders from all sectors gathered to discuss what must be done to make this happen. The focus was on specific actions that make Canada more productive, competitive, and resilient.

We presented the main themes, directions and actions put forward by leaders assembled at our cross-country roundtable series on innovation. As well, we launched a blueprint strategy, based on the results of the conference, entitled Innovation Next, that serves as a plan of action for the next stage of innovation in Canada.

The day featured senior leaders as keynote speakers and panellists, including:

  • Elyse Allan, President & CEO, GE Canada
  • Marcel Côté, Founding Partner, Secor Consulting
  • Eric Gales, President, Microsoft Canada
  • Richard Dicerni, Deputy Minister, Industry Canada
  • Kevin Lynch, Vice-Chair of BMO and former Clerk of the Privy Council
  • Tom Jenkins, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Open Text
  • David Naylor, President, University of Toronto
  • Eliot Phillipson, President and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation
  • Annette Trimbee, Deputy Minister, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

For more information, please contact Paul Ledwell.