Sun Dog Policy Breakfast

When: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 08:00 - 10:00

Where: Ottawa

Canada's mid-sized universities are some of the versatile drivers of innovation and growth for our regional economies. They educate our next generation, conduct their own basic and applied research, engage in tech transfer and register patents. They partner with local companies of all sizes, create spinoff companies, and foster entrepreneurship. Truthfully, they are the sun dogs of our economies - bright spots that dot the horizon around the sun or large centres - where light and ideas come together to support people and business of all types.

On September 23rd, the Forum will be hosting a multi-faceted policy discussion featuring presidents of three medium-sized universities - Mike Mahon, President of the University of Lethbridge, Ralph Nilson, President of Vancouver Island University and Brian Stevenson, President of Lakehead University. Our speakers will discuss how their medium-sized institutions contribute to advance education for Aboriginal Canadians, ensure environmental protection, advance natural resource development, incent economic development, and how they bring their community to the world and the world to their community. 

Participation for this discussion is by invitation only.

For more information contact:

Julie Cafley, PhD
613-238-7858, x229