Strengthening Capacity & Creating Opportunity: A Summit on the Future of Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education in Saskatchewan

When: Monday, March 22, 2010 - 09:00

Where: Delta Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon

The successful participation of Aboriginal Canadians in higher education remains a challenge in Canada, and nowhere is this issue more important than in the province of Saskatchewan.

Comprising close to 15% of its population, and approximately 47% of the under-19 population, the Aboriginal peoples of Saskatchewan represent tremendous potential for the economic and social development of the province. However, there remain significant challenges in delivering the education and training that meet the needs of Aboriginal peoples so that they can best take advantage of the opportunities offered by the economy of tomorrow. Central to this development is a sustained effort to prepare, attract and sustain young Aboriginal peoples in Saskatchewan for higher education. Equally important is the ongoing work with these young people to locate and leverage opportunities available to them in the public and private sectors once they graduate. The objective of the summit was to foster dialogue on best practices and leading approaches for serving Aboriginal learners in Saskatchewan.

The Public Policy Forum, with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, organized a summit on the future of Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education in Saskatchewan. The summit brought together 150 academics and senior leadership from post-secondary institutions, public policy experts, First Nations and Métis experts and stakeholders for a an open discussion that provided practical advice on going forward.

Luncheon Address by Alex Usher