Renewing the Conversation on Employment Insurance Reform

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 07:30 - 09:15

Where: National Arts Centre, Ottawa

In response to ongoing challenges in Canada's employment insurance (EI) framework, The Mowat Centre launched an ambitious research-driven task force to determine how best to reform this aspect of Canada's social safety net through improving both the delivery and governance of EI. The final recommendations are captured in the report - Making It Work: Final Recommendations of the Employment Insurance Task Force which was released in mid-November. The Report recommends creating a strengthened national system - one that is relevant to today's labour market and contributes more effectively to nation-building.

On February 7th, the Public Policy Forum, in partnership with the Mowat Centre, launched Renewing the Conversation on Employment Insurance Reform breakfast armchair discussion, that brought together influential and informed government, business, and academic leaders to explore and expand on the key findings of the EI report. Ultimately, our goal was to highlight the report's main conclusions and consider whether or how the government might effectively create a more transparent, effective and equitable EI framework.


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