Renewal City: Connecting and enhancing innovation

When: Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where: Montreal

Canada’s quality of life and economic strength depends on effective and dynamic cities.  Cities are engines for innovation, connecting people and ideas to generate new products, services and jobs. Today, municipal leaders are at the forefront of leading-edge global policy initiatives, especially on culture, transportation, climate change and innovation. As a result, many private and non-profit leaders have suggested that we may be transitioning towards an era of “city-states,” in which large municipalities exercise increasing influence over global economic, social and cultural trends.

To be effective drivers of change, modern-day cities require both the infrastructure and capacity to lead. However, among Canada’s urban centres these essential components are becoming increasingly constrained by political, economic and demographic realities. In this more multifaceted context, a number of important policy questions have arisen, including:

· What role will innovation play in re-thinking Canadian cities?
· How does the complexity of municipal, provincial, federal and private jurisdictions shape a city’s response?
· What specific challenges inhibit growth and productivity?

In seeking to answer these essential questions, a collaborative approach is needed to better understand how our cities function, where the policy gaps exist and how they might be addressed.

We convened a series of four executive level roundtable discussions to discuss the role of innovation in areas of keen interest to Canadian municipalities. These included: culture, public safety, transportation and smart cities. Together, these multi-sector roundtable discussions helped identify the types of multi-sector partnerships, strategies and tactics that can be used to help resolve specific policy challenges. To ensure a rich and meaningful multi-sectoral dialogue, we convened a select group of leaders from the private, public, non-profit and academic sectors. 

Montreal – Transportation innovation and our cities | October 20, 2015
Calgary – Cultural innovation and our city | March 23 2015
Ottawa - Public safety innovation and our city | April 29 2015
Toronto – Green city innovation | June 3 2015

By invitation only

A final project report will be produced at the close of the series. This final report will be shared with leaders across sectors to help build awareness and drive change around the key issues facing Canada’s cities.

For information:
Isabelle Couture
Project Lead
(587) 216-3953