Question Question Period

When: Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 08:45 - 14:00

Where: Government Conference Centre, Ottawa

The Public Policy Forum, in partnership with the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians, hosted this conference to discuss ways of improving the tenor and tone of debate in Canada’s Parliament. Many politicians, pundits, public servants and members of the public have lamented the somewhat dysfunctional nature of debate in Parliament, with critical commentary especially directed to the committee system and question period. This conference explored these two issues through panel discussion; as well as a luncheon conversation featuring Ed Broadbent. The focus was on making Parliament – especially minority parliament – more functional and hence more relevant for Canadians. Panelists included Michael Chong, M.P., Jay Hill, M.P., Francine Lalonde, M.P., John Godfrey, Anne McLellan, Monte Solberg and Queens Professor Emeritus C.E.S. Franks.

Leading up to the conference, the PPF and Pollara conducted a poll on Canadians' attitudes to Parliament and Question Period. Based on the results of the conference, the PPF produced a list of the top 10 ideas to improve Question Period and the work of Parliamentary committees.

Ed Broadbent's Keynote Address