PPX Workshops on Retaining Young Talent

When: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 - 12:00 - 16:30

Where: Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Saint John, Regina, Montréal

The first of its kind in Canada, PPX convened a series of six (Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Saint John, Regina, Montréal) cross-country workshops on retaining young talent that engaged over 300 young Canadians in conversation.

The competition for talent is intensifying and companies must constantly innovate to recruit and retain bright young people. In order to recruit and retain talent, organizations need a better understanding of what drives the new generation. To this end, these workshops brought together young professionals with diverse backgrounds from across Canada to:

  • Explore and articulate values, interests, and priorities of this emerging generation;
  • Understand what these mean in terms of recruiting and retaining young talent today,
  • Learn together, share what works, and deliberate over recommendations to shape organizations of the future.

At these dialogues, participants also had the opportunity to listen to: The Honourable Gordon Barnhart, Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Andrew Potter, Columnist, Macleans, Ilona Dougherty, Executive Director of Apathy is Boring, Cassie Doyle, Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada, Tim Coates, Executive Director of 21inc. and other leaders.

A final report entitled, the Road to Retention, highlighted themes from the in-person dialogues, illustrated best practices from different sectors, outlined mechanisms that can foster inter-generational dialogue, and presented youth generated ideas for retention.


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